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Two generations use same excuse for not doing homework

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‘I forgot’ remains the most popular excuse given for not having done your homework. A recent survey revealed 31.7% of parents used the line when they were children and 31.8% of their offspring are still giving the same reason for not turning in their work.

Over 1000 parents and 500 school children aged 11–16 years took part in the nationwide survey. Undertaken by Firefly Learning, the research also revealed that while it’s a good idea to get parents involved in school and homework, many parents have no idea.

Almost 30% of parents are unable to assist their children with homework as they don’t understand the task at hand and 24.6% said it was hard to enforce completion of homework as they were working.

Forgetting was the main excuse for 11- and 12-year-olds, while 16-year-olds said they had too much homework to complete. However, the real reason for not completing homework across all ages was a preference for alternative demands like out of school interests and busy schedules (26%).

The results also revealed that many parents had a difficult time getting children to do their homework, 47% said it was very hard but not for all; 32.9% said it was not hard to have children complete set homework.

But it wasn't all bad news as 34.4% of children said that they would prefer to clean their rooms rather than do their homework, so there is an upside.

Firefly Learning makes the point that problems with homework can be addressed with technology. Software can open an intuitive three-way dialogue between the school, parents and students so communication links are strong, ensuring student gaps or concerns are recognised and tackled early.

Denise Bramhall, Sales Manager Australia for Firefly Learning says, “Parents want to feel confident in guiding their children and need the background and resources readily accessible to do this. The demands of modern households make it challenging for parents to garner the insights to support their children.”

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