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Revolutionary technology provides teachers with virtual assistants to enhance the classroom

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Queensland based organisation List Premier Education (List Premier) has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based, digital support tool called ZenoBot, to assist teachers and other education/training providers to deliver content in the classroom and engage with their students.

The software is very simple and can operate on any computer or mac – and it displays on any screen. To achieve the full benefits of XenoBot a large touchscreen should be used connected to the computer.

ZenoBot is a virtual assistant in the form of an Avatar which can deliver lessons, information and other content in 21 languages and its appearance can be tailored to suit any audience. ZenoBot is ideal for the classroom setting as it is able to act as a teaching aid that delivers presentations and other informational content so teachers can focus less on presentations and more on their students. ZenoBot utilises touch board technology to get students involved in activities and interacting with each other.

ZenoBot is the brainchild of Dr Johann DeBeer, a respected education professor and CEO and founder of List Premier. His years of educational study and time spent working with educators led him to identify the dire need for extra support for teachers in the classroom.

“We want ZenoBot to be used in all schools where the focus should be on the ZenoBot being utilised as a support teacher, helping teachers to deliver content while they spend more time directly with students,” Dr DeBeer said today.

“ZenoBot helps the teacher to present and transfer information over to the students. Via the ZenoBot Avatar, the teacher is freed up and can focus more closely on the needs of the students.

“A ZenoBot Avatar possesses AI allowing it to engage in basic conversations, perform searches and much more. Students are comfortable with modern technology and enjoy this ground breaking way of teaching.”

To enhance the learning experience, List Premier offers additional workshops featuring ZenoBot. These workshops cover a wide range of topics to suit every need. They also develop custom AI solutions to assist educators and corporates deliver tailored solutions.

“We’re trying to make life easier for busy, over-worked teachers. We also recognise that classrooms are highly dynamic environments where content needs to be delivered at different times, in different ways, and occasionally in different languages. ZenoBot has the capacity to enhance and enrich the learning process through delivery of content in a different yet collaborative way, Dr DeBeer added.

“The goal of List Premier has always been to deliver solutions developed using proven educational methods combined with new educational technology. We know what works and we understand learning. ZenoBot has the potential to completely revolutionise the classroom.

“While we are focused on improved outcomes through technology, we are also concerned that the education system has become saturated with tablet based education and Apps in recent years. While it is the focus now, it’s not necessarily a good one. When students utilise tablets in classrooms, they become isolated on individual devices and minimise engagement and collaboration. Tablet use limits a student’s socialisation activities.

“Tablet use was originally introduced to streamline classes and ease pressure on educators, but my concern is that tablets limit social engagement and they also leave students more open to distraction.

“We have found that the use of ZenoBot on an interactive touch board is much more effective as it provides one focal point for the class and the students are encouraged to socialise, make eye contact and interact with each other. This provides better control for the teacher and more opportunities to focus on students’ needs.

“ZenoBot is simple to use, it’s engaging and it’s affordable.

“We even provide training on how to use ZenoBot and advice and guidance on how to use it to plan and deliver lessons and activities. Various organisations across the world have already embraced the new technology. Mining companies are using ZenoBot to deliver health and safety training in a number of different languages.

“ZenoBot isn’t designed to replace anyone, it is intended to enrich the learning environment and help educators and organisations to augment services and support in a tailored and cost effective manner.

“Currently ZenoBot offers 21 languages however we are aiming to expand this over time and incorporate additional functionality based on feedback from users.

“We are aiming to see ZenoBot become a key feature within classrooms and other training and education environments around the world. Its versatility also enables it to be used in a wide variety of businesses, for example to deliver services, content, information and activities in a number of different ways.

“ZenoBot is an Australian innovation that will change the way education and training is delivered across the world and I am very proud of this.”

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