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Motivating women in STEM

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According to a recent report by Australia’s Chief Scientist, women comprise just 16% of the total STEM workforce, a statistic that has resulted in an increased focus to improve gender parity.

The Women in STEM program guides the next generation of STEM leaders by connecting students virtually with real-life mentors in STEM careers.

Over the course of the program students will build a personalised STEM Resume that summarises their career personality profile, favourite mentor journeys, important hard and soft skills for their preferred journey, a career roadmap and accomplishments in the program.

The program is available free of charge for all students, parents, teachers and schools in Australia and is recommended for students in Year 7 - University. Teachers can conduct the first part of the program for students in the classroom, which takes approximately 45 minutes, in class via their personalised instructor dashboard. Students can continue their career exploration using the program outside of the classroom, on their own time or with a parent at home.

Women in STEM is the third program released on the Day of STEM platform.  The Day of STEM is aimed at the next generation of Australian STEM professionals with an interactive, online STEM awareness platform. Additionally, the system provides parents and teachers with dashboards that help to provide guidance and direction for the students’ careers. Day of STEM explores a range of careers through targeted thematic programs, including Women in STEM, Australia 2020 and the Collingwood STEM Cup. Source

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