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First Aid App makes for First Aid Action Hero kids in an emergency

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St John Ambulance Victoria has released its First Aid Action Hero app, the first Australian-produced First Aid training app specifically designed for primary school-aged children and endorsed by an accredited First Aid training organisation.

The First Aid Action Hero app is an extension of St John Ambulance Victoria’s First Aid in Schools Program, introducing an element of innovation and interactivity to the program to gamify the experience and make First Aid training fun.

Taking 18 months to develop, the app was user-tested with children at various prototype stages to ensure it was engaging, informative, and easy to navigate for its target audience.

St John Ambulance Victoria CEO Gordon Botwright said the First Aid Action Hero app was created to complement their First Aid in Schools Program and also reach children who may not have access to the program at their school.

“We want children of all ages across Victoria to have some level of First Aid training – whether it’s from hands- on learning through our First Aid in Schools Program or digitally through the First Aid Action Hero app,” he said.

“We also want more children to have access to our program beyond the kids who can participate at their school each year such as those who are home-schooled or living in remote areas.

“It’s just another way we’re trying to give back to the community and further support our mission of saving lives through First Aid.”

Delahey (VIC) resident Rodney Vella said he wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for his 12-year-old daughter Annalise who used her First Aid training to care for him during an accident.

“A couple of weeks after Annalise completed the St John Ambulance Victoria First Aid in Schools Program, I accidently sliced my arm in a grinder and passed out from the incident, losing a lot of blood,” Vella said.

“Annalise remembered to place me in the recovery position and dialled triple 0 – thanks to her First Aid training, she stayed calm throughout the ordeal and knew exactly what to do.

“She has since been using the First Aid Action Hero app at home to reinforce the knowledge and skills she learnt at school. My experience has shown me just how vital it is for children to learn First Aid, whether it be at school or through the First Aid Action Hero app – you just never know when you might need to save a life.”

The First Aid Action Hero app also includes captions to cater to children who are hearing impaired.

The First Aid Action Hero app is free and available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on smart phones and tablets: hero/id1423366252?mt=8

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