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Expansion of transition services for students with disability

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The services offered by the Daws Road and Prospect Transition Centres will expand over the next three years to include a statewide consultative service for teachers and leaders in schools. 

The Centres will provide advice and professional learning to schools so young people with a disability receive more support to complete school and transition successfully to post school options, especially in rural areas of South Australia.

As part of this, secondary schools will now have access to the expertise and knowledge of the Transition Centre staff to support their transition processes, programs and initiatives. 

Additionally, the Better Pathways program will be expanding to deliver their services to a further 12 schools, bringing to total number of host schools to 18. 

The Transition Centres support students with disability to prepare for their post-school options. This can be either towards open or supported employment, or into further study.

The Better Pathways program, which is delivered by Barkuma Inc, provides a coaching and mentoring service to young people with disability to assist them to achieve their career and vocational goals.

 “The transition from school to further education, vocational training and employment is an important period for young people. For students with a disability, this important transition may require additional planning and support to promote success. 

“Our Transition Centres are highly regarded for the work they do to prepare students to gain employment or go onto further education.

In addition, the number of schools that can offer the Better Pathways program to their students has risen from 6 to 18 increasing the number of young people with a disability who can access the program,” said Executive Director Early Years and Child Development, Ann-Marie Hayes.

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