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Being an awesome digital citizen

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We’re all digital citizens now, but are you a good one? Also, how is that done actually? Given that a lot of bullying takes place on line it’s very worthwhile to get a good idea of how Children can address tech leveraged nastiness.

Google gets a lot of things right about the internet and the Be Internet Awesome program from the giant is a good way of crystallising approaches for children to use the net in a responsible manner, how to look out for their own safety and check their effect on others. It was launched mid 2017 and is now a mature, thorough resource.

The program is pitched at a younger age group which makes sense as good digital citizenry should be instilled early.

The Be Internet Awesome curriculum, which is nice and free and downloadable as a PDF, provides a run-down of the threats and strategies for addressing the net in a safe and responsible way. It takes you through privacy and sharing issues, identifying phishing and scams, online password security and how to be kind to other digital citizens.

The resource that most will like best is Interland which is a four part game designed to instil good net citizenry while playing a fun, fast paced, slightly surreal game covering the main topics in the curriculum.

There is also a pretty great and free digital citizenship and safety course available on the Google for Education Training Centre.

The Digital Citizenship and Safety Course for Educators is a Massive Open Online Course for teachers and can be accessed with your Google password. The course consists of five audiovisual modules, and a short quiz at the end of each module.

Upon completion of the course, there’s a downloadable Digital Citizenship and Safety Toolkit that you can use to keep students engaged in the topic. If you successfully pass the five quizzes you will receive a Digital Citizenship and Safety Community Educator recognition badge.

The quizzes are auto-marked and while the content and answers are intuitive the course serves as a means of solidifying the thoughts one might have had around the topic of digital citizenry. If you get questions on the quiz wrong the site provides you with the answers.

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