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Ascham School kits out dedicated print room

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There is a lot of printing needed in schools despite our digital world and Ascham School in Sydney has all but eliminated the waiting and frustration that a slow printer can cause with a dedicated, fully staffed print room.

It was essential that a complete solution which was cost effective and dependable was realised as printing is central to the school’s function.

Dane Marcus, network manager, Ascham School, said, “Ascham has a print room to take the pressure off teaching staff. We want teachers to focus teaching not standing in front of a printer waiting for print jobs. 

“Ascham needed an integrated print management system that teachers could upload documents to, and include specifications such as stapling and binding. Ascham also wanted regular, expert support on hand, to address any print system issues and deal with faults quickly and efficiently."

The school also hoped the new facility would reduce the burden around printing for its IT department who could then focus on other important IT projects. 

“Ascham School had previously experienced some integration issues with third-party suppliers, which meant sometimes students had trouble topping up credit on their print accounts. Ease of use and accessibility for students were key priorities,”  Marcus said.

Ascham went with a Konica Minolta software and hardware solution purchasing Konica Minolta C3070 and 6120 production machines. 

Twenty-five multifunction devices installed across Ascham, as well as the C3070 and 6120 production machines with Accurio Flux software with Ascham’s print room now managed by a full-time Konica Minolta print room operator. 

Dane Marcus said, “The Konica Minolta team visited Ascham and comprehensively assessed our requirements. They made recommendations based on our past and future needs, demonstrating that their print solutions would be tailored to our unique setting. 

“In addition, one month before install, we were advised that a new machine was due for release, and Konica Minolta made sure we received the new model.” 

The new print services needed to be installed as smoothly as possible, with minimal impact on users. Ascham was concerned that a long and disruptive installation process could alienate staff and students from the print technology when it was finally ready to be used. 

Dane Marcus said, “Konica Minolta ensured installation was quick and simple. This played a major role in helping staff and students feel comfortable uploading documents and sending print jobs through the new systems. 

“We didn’t experience a single hitch throughout the entire installation. Really, it was business as usual at Ascham School on the day of install. The installation didn’t affect any of our productivity or day-to-day tasks.”

Ascham even changed the location of its print room a few weeks prior to installation without any negative impact on the project. 

Dane Marcus said, “Ascham decided to move the print room to another location, and refit it to accommodate the incoming equipment. We knocked down a wall and even moved plumbing. The team at Konica Minolta was very cooperative, and did what needed to be done to change the plans for the new print room.” 

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