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ARTEXPRESS at the Armory 2018 showcases HSC Artists

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It’s a real shame that the incredible standard of artworks produced by students for the HSC in NSW doesn't get wider exposure but ARTEXPRESS goes some way to addressing that.

ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions showcasing exemplary artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination.

For the fourteenth consecutive year, ARTEXPRESS at the Armory will be presented at Sydney Olympic Park from Tuesday 13 March – Sunday 6 May 2018 (inclusive and including on public holidays).

With FREE daily entry between 10am-4pm at the Armory Gallery, ARTEXPRESS at the Armory 2018 is the largest of all metropolitan ARTEXPRESS displays, featuring the works of 47 young artists from schools across New South Wales – especially Western Sydney-based schools.

As the arts and culture hub of Western Sydney, the Armory Gallery boasts the largest continuous gallery wall in Australia and plenty of open space to accommodate all art forms and media. So unlike other ARTEXPRESS displays, the Armory Gallery event includes the complete bodies of work of selected students.

The 2018 collection spans a broad range of expressive media forms such as painting, photo-media, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, documented forms, textiles and fabrics, ceramics and time-based forms.

Assembled for the seventh consecutive year by respected Curator Danielle Gullotta, the works featured in this year’s exhibition are linked by the theme In pursuit.

"The theme was chosen because ARTEXPRESS as a whole engages with the concerns of contemporary life and each of the young artists involved is in pursuit of understanding issues that impact on all our lives, including the influence of globalisation, the impact of technology, addressing imbalances in the natural world, and seeking an understanding of the influence of social connections.  The artists strive for self-expression with an awareness of themselves transitioning into adulthood," said Ms Gullotta.

"Thus connected by the theme In pursuit ARTEXPRESS at the Armory 2018 invites the audience to think, reflect and be moved to consider the perspective of each featured artist. In pursuit presents a survey of artists seeking challenge, resolution and meaning through the process of experimentation and art making," she added.

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