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Preparing Education for Industry 4.0

Education has always been concerned with preparing children and young people with the skills and capabilities they need for a full and rewarding future. However, within this statement there exists a significant assumption: that we understand what the future will be. History has shown that as a species we are not particularly good at conceiving of futures that are radically different from what we have today, let alone designing systems to deal with them. Read More


14 Mar 2019 | National
Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins joins Wakakirri National Panel News Image

The Wiggles are coming to Wakakirri with Emma Watkins the yellow Wiggle joining the 2019 National Panel. Emmy the dancing, drum playing, French speaking, bow wearing Wiggle is also a passionate advocate for sign language. Read More

14 Mar 2019 | National
Anti-bullying strategies need an evidence base News Image

Experts studying the problem of bullying say adult reactions to it can do more harm than good. When dealing with bullying, the most effective interventions come after listening to the bullied person and tailoring a response. Read More

13 Mar 2019 | International
US Open Library is infringing Australian authors’ copyright News Image

Anyone in publishing will tell you that any revenue is to be cherished these days, the internet’s ability to give things away for free is unmatched and it’s hurting anyone that produces content. Read More

13 Mar 2019 | Internet
New online tool predicts future changes to jobs News Image

Is being replaced by a robot in your future? It might well be and an online resource is a good place to start to see if your job is in line to be automated.
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13 Mar 2019 | National
Intrapreneurs make for unselfish success News Image

Like a lot of things, innovation and the ability to do it is inherent in some but can be fostered in anyone with the right environment.
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13 Mar 2019 | National
Chance to win a LEGO replica of your school News Image

When kids play with LEGO they’re creating, designing and engineering and the latest LEGOLAND Discovery Centre competition is encouraging that tradition.
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12 Mar 2019 | Sydney
Cino Aust film breaks down barriers News Image

In a progressive piece of cultural exchange students from the top academic primary school in Shandong Province, Shouguang Century School, China, came to Paddington to practice English and make films. Read More

12 Mar 2019
Ambisie encourages students to chase dreams News Image

We all have those ‘what am I doing with my life moments’, it’s common and not that pleasant but three Melbourne social impact entrepreneurs are seeking to do something to encourage people to avoid that 'what if' angst. Read More

7 Mar 2019 | Victoria
Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2019 News Image

Now in its 15th year, the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge continues to help instill a love of reading for life. Last year almost 4 million books were read during the challenge. Read More

7 Mar 2019
How to assess students like astronauts News Image

When NASA wants to uncover how their astronauts learn best so they can tailor and optimise their learning they turn to Mindprint, it's now available for students. Read More

7 Mar 2019 | Melbourne
Adrian Farrer new Trinity Headmaster News Image

Trinity Grammar School, Kew (Vic) has announced that Adrian Farrer will be the school’s 12th Headmaster from January 2020, he is currently Principal at Cathedral College Wangaratta. Read More

6 Mar 2019 | National
Verbal judo defuses conflict News Image

When someone talks harshly to you it’s easy to snap back and there it starts; conflict. It’s all about language you use and the tone and most snarkiness can be defused with the right strategy, one is Verbal judo. Read More