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Youth worries about mental health and the environment

The young are supposed to be care free but that isn’t the case, many are deeply concerned about mental health, the state of the world’s climate and the persistence of bullying.
   This year’s Mission Australia Youth Survey Report 2019 surveyed young people aged between 15 to 19 years old in Australia and found some bright spots too, around six in 10 young people felt very happy/happy. Read More


3 Sep 2019 | National
Tech’s too blokey and #WiSTEMpledge looks to change that News Image

Women were very much a part of early computing and the internet but that has changed with the industry now dominated by men.
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2 Sep 2019
Young inventors’ chance to visit NASA News Image

There’s a few days left for budding young inventors to enter Origin’s littleBIGidea competition and potentially win a trip to NASA in the USA.
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29 Aug 2019 | NSW
STEM resources to encourage girls News Image

High school students in Western Sydney got a peek at a new resource which aims to get more girls studying science, technology, engineering and maths.
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28 Aug 2019 | National
Soft and academic skills should determine school readiness say parents News Image

Parents think that a child should start school when they have the emotional, social and academic ability to do it and the child’s age is less of a concern.
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28 Aug 2019 | Victoria
Free lunches in Vic News Image

There is such a thing as a free lunch, Victoria is expanding the School Breakfast Clubs Program to offer lunches and school holiday supplies to children who need them. Read More

27 Aug 2019 | Qld
Heavy hitters join forces with QELi for national Deep Learning Lab News Image

QELi is partnering with thought leaders Michael Fullan, Joanne McEachen and Joanne Quinn and the Queensland North Coast Region New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Coalition of Schools to bring the Deep Learning Lab to Brissie. Read More

27 Aug 2019
The cost of attracting high-performing teaching students News Image

High achievers could be tempted into the ranks of the nation’s school teachers with more money, $80,000 more than teachers currently get.
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27 Aug 2019 | National
SBS National Languages Competition 2019 – get involved News Image

Encouraging language learning and language retention in Australia, and in recognition of the United Nations’ International Year of Indigenous languages, SBS has launched the SBS National Languages Competition 2019. Read More

27 Aug 2019 | National
Teach For Australia’s fulfilment driven model for attracting high achievers News Image

Money is one way to attract high achievers to teaching but it’s not the only way, job satisfaction and fulfillment can be just as effective.
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22 Aug 2019
Third of young people experience drug and alcohol problems News Image

A new Mission Australia report reveals that three in 10 young people say that alcohol and/or drugs are a problem for their family and peers.
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20 Aug 2019 | National
Live streaming video platform for teen mental health News Image

Teenagers can be uncommunicative and yourtown’s Kids Helpline is changing the way they speak with teens who may be experiencing mental health concerns by tapping into an innovative campaign. Read More

20 Aug 2019 | National
Teach in the US News Image

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the US and time spent working in the country is the kind of experience that colours a life. The cultural exchange organisation Participate Learning is making the process easier. Read More