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Measuring the Teaching and Learning Journey

John Hattie and Arran Hamilton

High-stakes assessment has been an important rite of passage throughout much of human history. Many ancient cultures and tribal societies required their young to undertake risky and painful quests to make the transition to adulthood. We continue to deploy this rite of passage in the form of national school leaver examinations today. Read More


9 Feb 2018 | Queensland
Does NAPLAN make the grade? News Image

They say whiskey’s for drinking and water’s for fighting over, similarly NAPLAN has been a source of contention since its beginning and now experts and politicians are calling for a thorough review of what NAPLAN is and what it’s for. Read More

2 Feb 2018 | Brisbane
ClassCoach’s short cycle to better teaching News Image

Everything you read will tell you that short cycle data, the assessment of students’ progress in close to real time, is the best way to improve results; you get to see where each student is after every lesson and adjust teaching on the fly. Read More

2 Feb 2018 | ACT
The good, the bad, the hopeful? Social media, the internet and young people News Image

Young people are becoming increasingly sexualized at a young age due to the prevalence of online pornography and others are being exposed to radicalising and terrorism-related materials via the internet. Read More

1 Feb 2018 | Northern Territory
Investment in early childhood is critical to improving Australia’s education outcomes News Image

Lifting Our Game, the final report of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools through Early Childhood Interventions, has indicated that an investment in early childhood education pays off in later years. Read More

1 Feb 2018 | Melbourne
Innovation strategy a boost for maths News Image

If we’re to be relevant in the future we’ll need to brush up on our maths teaching according to Innovation and Science Australia’s (ISA) vision outlined in Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation. Read More

1 Feb 2018 | Melbourne
Golden Plains first ever High School open for business News Image

Families across Bannockburn and Golden Plains finally have access to a local high school with the state-of-the-art Bannockburn P–12 College opening its doors this week. Read More

31 Jan 2018 | South Australia
Expansion of transition services for students with disability News Image

The services offered by the Daws Road and Prospect Transition Centres will expand over the next three years to include a statewide consultative service for teachers and leaders in schools. Read More

31 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
$8.28 million to upgrade Abbotsford Primary School News Image

Better classrooms and a new covered sports area will be part of an $8.28 million upgrade of Abbotsford Primary School (in inner Melbourne) which was built in 1877. Read More

31 Jan 2018 | Brisbane
Machinam gets maths in context News Image

Making the connection between maths and the real world can be a bit of a leap but if there’s a group of people who know how to apply maths in real life situations it’s engineers; using formulae to solve practical problems is what they do. Read More

31 Jan 2018 | Sydney
Equity needed for STEM innovation in schools News Image

While policy makers acknowledge the importance of STEM in schools, Dr Jane Hunter from the STEM Education Futures Research Centre at UTS says not enough focus has been placed on teacher learning, resources and infrastructure. Read More

31 Jan 2018 | Sydney
Classrooms powered by renewable energy to be trialled in NSW schools News Image

Classrooms powered entirely by renewable energy and able to power two other classrooms has got to be a good thing and ‘Hivve’ modular classrooms, now being trialled, amazingly, can do just that. Read More

30 Jan 2018 | Queensland
Revolutionary technology provides teachers with virtual assistants to enhance the classroom News Image

Queensland based organisation List Premier Education (List Premier) has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based, digital support tool called ZenoBot, to assist teachers and other education/training providers. Read More