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PEACE Pack pushes back against bullies

SA’s PEACE Pack program continues to keep a lid on bullying by teaching coping or resilience skills to build wellbeing of primary and secondary students.
   The South Australian Bullying Prevention Strategy was developed by a number of school-based pilot projects, a series of public engagement activities including a conference, YourSAy survey, workshops and roundtables involving more than 900 experts, educators, professionals, parents, children and young people. 
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10 Sep 2017
Ashley Stewart is 2017 AMSI Choose Maths top award winner News Image

2017 AMSI Choose Maths top award winner, Ashley Stewart, believes her Year 8 Living for Learning class is proof hands-on learning works best for indigenous students. Among recent achievements, the girls successfully constructed and tested a hand cranked phone charger. Read More

10 Sep 2017
Health offers future opportunities but 30% still jobless four months after graduating News Image

The 2018 edition of The Good Universities Guide reveals that while universities around the country are providing a high-quality experience for students, it’s not translating to graduate jobs. Across many courses and fields of study, Australian university students are overwhelmingly enjoying and excelling during their time at university Read More

3 Sep 2017
ELLA preschool language program to be expanded News Image

The Commonwealth Government will expand the Early Learning Languages Australia program (ELLA) in 2018 with Modern Greek and Hindi to be added to Arabic, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Read More

3 Sep 2017
Mentoring program for early career teachers in the Northern Territory News Image

In an initiative designed to reduce the attrition rate which can be as high as 50% in the first five years, the NT Dept of Education has launched a mentoring program to support teachers in the early stages of their career. Read More

3 Sep 2017 | Northern Territory
$1 million boost for Northern Territory school administrators News Image

An additional $1 million per year to support business managers in Territory schools has been announced by Minister for Education Eva Lawler to assist in reducing the administrative burden on schools. Read More

1 Sep 2017 | Canberra
Most disadvantaged schools missing out on Teach for Australia recruits News Image

Public schools pressure group Save our Schools (SOS) has used the findings of the Teach for Australia Evaluation Report released by the Commonwealth Dept of Education and Training to criticise the fast-track teacher training program. Read More

1 Sep 2017 | NSW
Education has 'dropped the ball' in teaching writing skills News Image

Many Australian children are leaving primary school without the handwriting and keyboarding skills to enable them to perform at their best in writing tasks across the curriculum, according to an Australian literacy academic. Read More

1 Sep 2017 | Canberra, ACT
Engineering is Elementary program for schools launched News Image

Questacon, Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre, and Raytheon Australia and have marked 10 years of partnership by announcing the development of a pilot of the Engineering is Elementary program for schools. Read More

1 Sep 2017
$2.7m funds for intensive English tuition for refugee children in NSW schools News Image

Newly arrived refugees attending Catholic and independent schools will benefit from $2.7 million to fund intensive language tuition and other specialist support. Read More

1 Sep 2017
Rissalah College to pay back $4.3 million to NSW government News Image

Rissalah College in Lakemba, Sydney, has agreed to repay $4.3m and will lose all funding if it employs, contracts with or pays long-time former Principal Ali Roude or members of his family at any future time. Read More

24 Aug 2017 | Australia
AITSL adds to school leadership resources collection News Image

AITSL has added to its collection of materials to support the professional growth of current and aspiring school leaders and new principals. There is a three-step guide for principals: watch the video; read the guide; explore the resources. Read More

23 Aug 2017 | Perth
Brain boost? A headset to stimulate the brain is being developed at Uni WA News Image

Student innovators and graduates from The University of Western Australia are developing a headset that can monitor human brain waves and stimulate the brain to improve concentration and boost the brain’s performance. Read More