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Regional Vic principals up-skill in Adelaide to to take on unique challenges

A cohort of school leaders from rural Victoria attended a program at SA’s Flinders University which aims to help rural and regional principals to overcome the challenges of their location and harness novel opportunities to benefit students. The course was developed with input from Emeritus Professor John Halsey. Read More


24 Jan 2018 | Billund, Denmark
LEGO Education Maker activities  News Image

Guess what? The kids might already be doing STEAM and Maker activities without any encouragement. Any parent will have at least one kid who’s into building stuff with Lego and that means they’re touching on all the elements of STEAM. Read More

24 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
Yoobi and World Vision Australia to provide school supplies to remote indigenous communities News Image

Stationery brand Yoobi and World Vision Australia will deliver school items to some of the most remote Indigenous communities in Australia. Yoobi has donated more than half a million stationery items to some 40,000 disadvantaged kids. Read More

23 Jan 2018
Science and engineering finalists look to help News Image

Health and the environment were top of mind for the finalists of the 2018 BHP Billiton Foundation Science and Engineering Awards and the entrants haven’t shied from taking on the big issues. Read More

23 Jan 2018
Social and emotional behaviours are a key to successful student learning News Image

Students with well-developed and adaptive social and emotional behaviours are most likely to excel in school, according to a leading Australian educational psychology researcher. Read More

19 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
Back to school cybersecurity tips News Image

The school year is just about to start and that means thousands of logins and millions of website visits, it also means an increased risk of hacks and viruses. But there's a few basic things you can do to avoid nasties in your network. Read More

18 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
1000 Girls in Pakistan to receive education through The Big Heart Foundation and Malala Fund News Image

The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF), a global humanitarian charity based in Sharjah, UAE, is funding the second phase of a school for girls in Pakistan in keeping with its dedication to ensuring children have access to education. Read More

17 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
New education initiatives to strengthen ties with India News Image

India, it’s a fascinating place, increasingly a major trading partner and they like cricket, so encouraging links with the country is a no brainer. A new exchange program will see Victorian kids travel to the country. Read More

17 Jan 2018
VU unique teaching model nears its debut News Image

The first year of university can be overwhelming but Victoria University, taking inspiration from the US and Sweden is easing the way with a more focused, intimate way of teaching. Read More

17 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
Reducing cyberbullying – parents to get involved News Image

Cyberbullying has been around as long as the internet and with social media’s prevalence it has been all the more acute. Its most insidious aspect is that once kids could get some respite once they left school now they can't. Read More

16 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
Tech Schools to deliver programs with CSIRO News Image

Australia’s CSIRO is absolutely world class and students who will be attending Victoria’s 10 tech schools will have access to scientists and science generated at the organization under an innovative new program. Read More

16 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
Independent schooling out of reach? Possibly not News Image

Just under half a million dollars to educate a child in the independent system in Australia. It’s a very scary number but while you could spend that amount accessing a private education you actually don’t have to. Read More

15 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
Animals help refugee kids News Image

Getting through a refugee camp requires you to be tough but reentering a society means you have to develop a sense of empathy and the ability to open up. Interacting with animals has been shown to help the process. Read More