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Get a grip on ATAR anxiety

It’s that time of year again, exams, final exams, eek, it’s hard to not let the stress get the better of you but what do you do when you're stressed, your friends are stressed and the parents are especially stressed?
   Take a deep breath and realise that the only thing that’s at stake is your future…, just kidding, it’s probably more helpful to focus on the idea that there is more than one way to skin a cat and there are more pathways to a fulfilling career than ATAR. Read More


29 Oct 2017 | Canberra, ACT
Islamic School of Canberra loses federal funds News Image

Following an internal review by the DET, the Islamic School of Canberra will lose its Commonwealth Funding effective 16 December. The decision, announced by Minister Simon Birmingham on Friday 27 October, upheld the original decision to revoke the authority’s approval under the Australian Education Act 2013. Read More

29 Oct 2017 | Canberra, ACT
Noel Pearson's literacy program funding extended News Image

Noel Pearson's Good to Great schools program, designed to boost remote students’ literacy and numeracy has been backed with a further $4.1 million from the Turnbull Government, following the release of an independent report highlighting its positive impacts. Read More

29 Oct 2017 | Perth, WA
Principals lose hiring freedom in WA Independent Public Schools News Image

Since 2010, IPS principals have had complete autonomy over staff selection, but under a change of direction ordered by Education Minister Sue Ellery, they will have to consider education department "redeployees" before hiring  teachers, support and admin staff. Read More

29 Oct 2017
‘Equality’ trends in school yard conversation News Image

Oxford University Press has announced the 2017 Australian Children’s Word of the Year and it's... equality. Primary school children were invited to take part in the inaugural competition. Participants nominated their ‘Word’ through a piece of free writing up to 500 words based on their chosen word. Read More

29 Oct 2017 | Melbourne, VIC
Early childhood investment wasted without quality educators News Image

A new paper by Mitchell Institute at Victoria University finds that quality is lagging in key early childhood education and care areas and improving teaching should be a top priority. Highly skilled educators are the most important ingredient but many early childhood educators don’t receive sufficient training or support. Read More

29 Oct 2017
New suite of STEM experiences at Vic Scienceworks News Image

Museums Victoria has announced two new permanent exhibitions and a suite of parallel programs at Scienceworks to prepare the next generation for a world of science, technology, engineering and maths. Beyond Perception: Seeing the Unseen will open in April 2018. Read More

29 Oct 2017 | Brisbane, Qld
Study investigates age when children start to regulate their learning News Image

A Uni QLD study led by Phd Student Melissa Brinums is helping parents and teachers understand the capacity of young children to learn independently, by providing insight into children’s understanding of practice. The study investigated the age at which children start to regulate their own learning to achieve their long-term goals. Read More

29 Oct 2017 | Australia
Junior game designers create a reaction at PAX News Image

Gaming industry experts have commended winners of the 2017 Australian STEM Video Game Challenge for their remarkable levels of creativity and technical skill. This year's competition required students as young as 10 to design and build a video game addressing the theme 'reaction'. Read More

29 Oct 2017
MLC girls win in VIC Formula 1 STEM Challenge News Image

Three student teams from Melbourne's MLC have placed 1st, 3rd and 4th in the VIC regional competition. F1 in Schools in the world’s largest STEM competition, involving over nine million students who design, build, test and race miniature F1 cars. Read More

29 Oct 2017
Indigenous students failing to make the maths grade News Image

Indigenous students are eight times more likely to fall behind in maths by Year 9 than non-indigenous students, dampening regional innovation according to AMSI's 2017 Discipline Profile of the Mathematical Sciences. Read More

22 Oct 2017 | Melbourne, VIC
Virtual puzzles can teach kids to solve real-world problems News Image

Swinburne researchers have shown that children can apply the skills they learn on a tablet to the real world. The research shows that when four to six-year-olds learn how to solve a puzzle using a tablet, they then apply this learning to the same puzzle in the physical world. Read More

21 Oct 2017
Digital devices add to exam time stress: Family Zone survey News Image

A survey of 1000 teenagers and their parents shows that electronic devices are causing sleep and study problems for teenagers as they come up to end of year exams. The survey, commissioned by cyber safety platform, Family Zone, found teenagers are being robbed of sleep in the lead-up to exams Read More