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Measuring the Teaching and Learning Journey

John Hattie and Arran Hamilton

High-stakes assessment has been an important rite of passage throughout much of human history. Many ancient cultures and tribal societies required their young to undertake risky and painful quests to make the transition to adulthood. We continue to deploy this rite of passage in the form of national school leaver examinations today. Read More


7 Jun 2018 | ANZ
Canon Oceania 2018 Grants Program – $30,000 available News Image

Canon Oceania has announced that its 2018 Grants Program is now open for nominations. The program is part of Canon Oceania’s commitment to Kyosei, which means to live and work for the common good. Read More

6 Jun 2018 | International
The Economist launches film and essay competitions News Image

The Economist is seeking young entrants for film and essay competitions as part of its Open Future initiative and winners will be invited to participate in the Open Future Festival held simultaneously in New York, London and Hong Kong. Read More

3 Jun 2018
National PJ Day fundraiser launched by Asthma Australia News Image

Asthma Australia is urging schools to get behind its PJ Day fundraiser by organising a day when students and teachers wear their nightclothes to school to raise awareness and funds to help children with asthma. Read More

3 Jun 2018
Expanding MyRoad program for Year 10-12 girls needs more mentors News Image

Now in its second year, the MyRoad program is growing and needs more mentors willing to conduct two-hour online mentoring sessions for girls in Years 10-12 wanting to know how make the most of their career opportunities  Read More

2 Jun 2018 | Melbourne
Video competition to combat online nastiness News Image

A new competition seeks to address the worst parts of the online world and through video projects impress on the bullied that they are not alone. Right now suicide takes about eight young lives per week – more than those killed in car crashes. Read More

1 Jun 2018 | Queensland
Moral development begins with mum News Image

A team from the Uni Qld School of Psychology examined moral reasoning in children aged 10 and under and it's good news if you’re mum or a chicken but not so much if you’re a baddie. Teachers and police are a bit meh. Read More

1 Jun 2018 | International
Chinese student nationalism questioned News Image

Australia has a conflicted relationship with China, we rely on their largesse while harbouring more than a little suspicion regarding their intentions. In 2017 600,000 plus Chinese left for university overseas. Read More

30 May 2018 | National
Promethean awards $50,000 worth of technology to ANZ schools News Image

Promethean has awarded over $50,000 worth of their ActivPanels to 11 ANZ schools who submitted creative entries as to why they deserved to receive the prize. Read More

30 May 2018 | National
Camp Australia’s cold weather activities News Image

This year Camp Australia will launch of its winter E-magination holiday program with a range of activities for kids and parents to choose from. The theme for this season is technology. Read More

30 May 2018 | Melbourne
$15.6 million high school for Preston News Image

Students in Preston, Melbourne will soon have first-rate classrooms and facilities with the $15.6 million Preston High School replacing the former Preston Girls’ Secondary College on Cooma Street. Read More

29 May 2018 | National
Independent schools concerned about SES review News Image

With a review of the SES methodology underway the Independent Schools Council of Australia is keen to have its say as any changes will have significant flow on effects. Read More

25 May 2018 | National
BBQ raises most fete funds News Image

The school fete has become a major source of fundraising for many schools and it looks like the barbeque is the leading profit centre. Getting it right can be very sweet, the record for a fete profit is $93,000. Read More