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Regional Vic principals up-skill in Adelaide to to take on unique challenges

A cohort of school leaders from rural Victoria attended a program at SA’s Flinders University which aims to help rural and regional principals to overcome the challenges of their location and harness novel opportunities to benefit students. The course was developed with input from Emeritus Professor John Halsey. Read More


18 Apr 2018
One third of Australian students regret uni choice News Image

The number of Australians continuing to further education is on the rise, but it looks like that means more students who are unhappy with their choice of University and course. Read More

18 Apr 2018 | United Kingdom
Learning while you sleep News Image

Maybe sleeping should be encouraged in class; it’s been found that the brain is working hard when we’re napping, forming connections that play an important role in the formation and retention of new memories. Read More

17 Apr 2018 | Virginia, USA
Tell tales a good thing? News Image

Research out of the University of Virginia sheds new light on why young children tell and raises the question of whether tattling should necessarily be discouraged in early childhood. Read More

17 Apr 2018 | Queensland
Teachers are health care workers News Image

Educators wear many hats and increasingly it’s the healthcare one. Queensland school teachers are chalking up around $230 million a year in health-related work, most of it pastoral care. Read More

16 Apr 2018 | Australia
Australian National Maritime Museum hosts students from Normandy as part of WWI Centenary Commemorations News Image

In recognition of the Centenary of WWI the Australian National Maritime Museum will host students from College St Marie in Rouen, Normandy as part of the school’s Two Countries One World project. Read More

13 Apr 2018 | National
Annual Youth Survey opens News Image

Mission Australia’s Annual Youth Survey Provides one of the better snapshots of where young people are at and it opens this year coinciding with Youth Week (13–22 April). Read More

11 Apr 2018 | National
Poor NAPLAN communication reduces parents’ view of value News Image

In a week that’s seen NAPLAN’s writing test criticised that it did not promote clear expression, the program’s communication of results and their implications to parents is being pilloried for a lack of clarity. Read More

11 Apr 2018
Boys and girls learn second language differently News Image

Research has found that girls and boys learn second languages differently, which might lead to new strategies for teaching which accommodate those differences. Boys leverage 'implicit' thinking and girls achieve 'explicit' comprehension. Read More

11 Apr 2018
Flexible learning options program saving kids’ futures News Image

Mission Australia's Flexible Learning Options program in South Australia has been a success which could be usefully emulated in other parts of the country.
Read More

10 Apr 2018 | National
Film and television school launches free on-line resources for K-10 News Image

Video might have killed the radio star but the internet hasn’t displaced video at all, in fact video content is predicted to account for 80% of global internet traffic by next year. Read More

9 Apr 2018 | National
NAPLAN writing test “bizarre” says international expert News Image

Some international perspective on the way NAPLAN's writing test is cast provides some pretty damning criticism of it. Retired MIT professor Les Perelman called the test “bizarre” and added that it contributes to bad writing habits. Read More

9 Apr 2018 | USA
School success reverses early damage News Image

An ongoing study follows the same individuals over several decades to investigate how childhood maltreatment effects the child’s future and how those that have overcome a bad childhood have done it. Read More