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Measuring the Teaching and Learning Journey

John Hattie and Arran Hamilton

High-stakes assessment has been an important rite of passage throughout much of human history. Many ancient cultures and tribal societies required their young to undertake risky and painful quests to make the transition to adulthood. We continue to deploy this rite of passage in the form of national school leaver examinations today. Read More


15 Jun 2018 | Melbourne
Scholarships proposed to encourage men into teaching News Image

Look around the teaching staff of any school and one thing becomes apparent: a distinct lack of men. It’s nothing to be joked about, diversity in teaching staff has been identified as a way of diminishing gender roles. Read More

14 Jun 2018
Talking about cancer in the classroom News Image

Chances are that cancer in one form or another will touch most people’s lives and a new resource from the Cancer Council will help schools to support families, kids and staff when it strikes. Read More

14 Jun 2018 | International
Call for truce in reading wars News Image

It is odd to think of teaching children to read in terms of war but with the conflict between phonics and whole language approaches a war it has been, and a long one at that. Read More

14 Jun 2018
Year 7 bully to high school victim News Image

What goes around comes around, for some that is. If you bully, you’re more likely to continue to bully or receive a comeuppance, however the best strategy seems to be to stay clear of the entire thing. Read More

14 Jun 2018 | International
Hard message for Australians debating soft skills News Image

Creativity, critical thinking, digital literacy, problem-solving and adaptability all fall under the umbrella of ‘capabilities’ but no matter what term is used there are increasingly louder calls for renewed focus on the area in education. Read More

14 Jun 2018 | National
Education no guarantee of success News Image

Again, it looks like there is a disconnect between what is being taught and the skills needed to find employment and thrive after education ends; a more careers focussed approach to education is in order. Read More

14 Jun 2018 | Sydney
Making young entrepreneurs News Image

With its research driven programs is doing its best to give a generation of young entrepreneurs the skills and attitudes needed to thrive as the world of work evolves. Read More

10 Jun 2018 | Sunshine Coast QLD
Bringing it all together: Literacy, ICTs and the 21st Century Skills News Image

Literacy, 21st Century Skills, ICTs and a Common Pedagogical Framework seem to be flavours of the month in many schools, including mine. What’s not so evident is how schools blend these disparate strategies into one framework. Read More

8 Jun 2018 | Melbourne
Arts career takes passion and toughness News Image

Three of Australia’s most familiar faces from TV and the stage gave the Wakakirri Performing Arts Careers Day their advice for establishing a career in show business; the route is going to be hard, hard but not impossible. Read More

7 Jun 2018
Teachers encouraged to consider becoming a foster carer to help tackle shortage News Image

Given their background working with children, teaching professionals are being encouraged to consider becoming a foster carer to tackle a mass shortage. Read More

7 Jun 2018
ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award opens News Image

The Song Room and ARIA have announced that nominations for the second ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award, sponsored by Telstra, are now open.
Read More

7 Jun 2018
Insights Report forecasts skills priorities News Image

The future of work looks unclear but with coordination between education and industry the type of training that employers want will be clarified. The Insights Report combines intelligence from the AISC’s network of 64 Industry Reference Committees Read More