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Bank of mum and dad foundation of big careers

Behind every big wig lies a couple of wealthy, ambitious parents who aren’t stingy about offering up some financial support. It’s the great unspoken truth; the bank of mum and dad is instrumental in the fostering of careers. It helps to be privileged and share their traits and culture. Read More


8 Feb 2019 | National
Stressed out teachers schools, need help from parents and pupils News Image

Teachers need love too and no one knows that better than those at the psychological coalface with a corporate psychology organisation reporting a 36% increase in the number of educators seeking support. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | International
Involved parents make for better students News Image

There’s no substitute for an involved parent if you want the best performance from students with a study out of Israel highlighting that by examining kids who have one deceased or absent parent. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | National
National van tour for public school funding News Image

You’ve got to hand it to the AEU, they’re never backward in coming forward; a fleet of Fair Funding Now! vans will visit public schools in marginal electorates across Australi. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | National
Online resource for stronger and healthier students News Image

RSL Queensland has launched a free online program which teachers can use to help students build resilience, empathy and improve their physical and mental health. Read More

7 Feb 2019 | INternational
Performance targets a path to misery News Image

Performance targets, increased workload, curriculum changes and other bureaucratic changes are eroding teachers' happiness, professional identity and mental health. Read More

7 Feb 2019 | Sydney
Ascham School kits out dedicated print room News Image

Ascham School in Sydney has all but eliminated the waiting and frustration that a slow printer can cause with a dedicated, fully staffed print room.
Read More

7 Feb 2019 | International
Social media junkies are just that, junkies   News Image

It’s the drug of choice of a generation and the addictive nature of social media makes heavy users behave like drug addicts, they get antsy when they’re cut off and will do almost anything get access to their accounts. Read More

5 Feb 2019 | Brisbane
Brisbane to Host National Education Summit News Image

For the first time, the National Education Summit will hold a Brisbane event in 2019, bringing a comprehensive professional development program to local educators over two days in May. Read More

31 Jan 2019 | Vic and WA
KOMPAN Australia launch Matched Funding Grant Program for play equipment News Image

KOMPAN Australia has launched a Matched Funding Grant Program, open to schools in Victoria and Western Australia, aiming to make quality play and fitness equipment more accessible. Read More

31 Jan 2019 | National
Bewdy! Non-English speakers adopt more Australianisms News Image

There are many unique aspects to Australia and the lingo is one of them. Testament to its expressiveness, non-English speaking migrants take to the unique Australian dialect more readily than English-speaking migrants. Read More

31 Jan 2019 | Qld and Tas
Resilience through laughter for young people News Image

Homunculus Theatre Company believe access to live performing arts contributes greatly to social-emotional skills development. It builds resilience, compassion and understanding of diversity. Read More

30 Jan 2019 | National
Independent schools challenge idea of high fees News Image

While an independent schooling is the most expensive option The Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) advises that the expense can be misrepresented by companies selling financial products. Read More