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Get a grip on ATAR anxiety

It’s that time of year again, exams, final exams, eek, it’s hard to not let the stress get the better of you but what do you do when you're stressed, your friends are stressed and the parents are especially stressed?
   Take a deep breath and realise that the only thing that’s at stake is your future…, just kidding, it’s probably more helpful to focus on the idea that there is more than one way to skin a cat and there are more pathways to a fulfilling career than ATAR. Read More


9 Oct 2019
Study tips for Year 11 and 12 Mathematics students News Image

Most students consider their final exams as the pinnacle of their education and the most important part of their future aspirations. While a good ATAR can mean that a student will get into the degree of their choice, it is not the only pathway. Read More

9 Oct 2019 | South Australia
If you want a career in digital illustration go south News Image

Adelaide is fast becoming a hub of digital illustration and effects with Flinders winning a place among the world’s top 10 digital illustration schools again.
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4 Oct 2019 | National
Minecraft helps creativity News Image

The very thing that confounds older people about Minecraft is the key to its enhancing creativity in players; the open-ended nature of the game makes problem solving necessary which enhances inventiveness. Read More

3 Oct 2019 | National
2019 NGS Super Scholarship awards winners News Image

This year’s NGS Super Scholarship award winning applications will see six recipients embark on a range of professional development courses focused on enriching teaching and learning Read More

2 Oct 2019
Tech and teens not so bad News Image

It’s been a common refrain; tech and social media are bad for teens’ mental health, but those assertions have been made without the backing of research largely and actual studies into the area have indicated that it might not be true. Read More

2 Oct 2019 | Canberra
Prime Minister's Prizes for Science awarded soon News Image

The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science are Australia’s most prestigious awards for outstanding achievements in scientific research, research-based innovation, and excellence in science teaching. Read More

2 Oct 2019 | National
School swim programs floundering News Image

It’s summer soon and that means swimming but as it turns out many children won’t be fully water safe if they’re relying on school swim programs alone.
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25 Sep 2019 | Victoria
Gippsland teachers getting plenty of fibre News Image

A series of free professional development events across Gippsland will give teachers there the ability to incorporate ‘food and fibre’ concepts in class.
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25 Sep 2019 | National
Principals want data and insights into teacher wellbeing News Image

The link between a school’s workforce and its results is often undervalued and overlooked and increasingly principals want data driven insight into teacher wellbeing which has a marked effect on student outcomes. Read More

25 Sep 2019 | Victoria
Oscar Wilde’s giant new opera News Image

A young writer partnering with a young composer, both Victorians, have created a hit with their adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant.
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25 Sep 2019 | Sydney
100+ bright Bondi kids shine a light on PNG News Image

115 Bondi Junction primary school students will be guided by volunteers from the Origin Foundation to build solar powered lights, providing new learning opportunities for children living in Papua New Guinea in energy poverty. Read More

25 Sep 2019 | National
Gardening helps kids stay in school   News Image

Gardening has been proven to have the same calming influence on children as it does on adults and leads them into other positive directions like eating fresh food and trying new things. Read More