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Better services and more homes needed to support aspirations of indigenous young

It’s tough being a young indigenous person, they face severe challenges in most aspects of life and are still generally less happy and secure than their non-indigenous counterparts. Mission Australia’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Report showed that Indigenous respondents were acutely concerned about drugs, bullying/emotional abuse, personal safety... Read More


10 Oct 2018 | NSW
Be flexible with young children's reading News Image

Reading to kids helps with their literacy, that isn’t controversial, but giving students some input works even better and doesn't limit the ways kids are interacting with texts. Read More

10 Oct 2018 | Australia and UAE
Aussie company to help put 3D Tech into over 200 United Arab Emirates Primary Schools News Image

The United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Education has announced a country-wide rollout of 3D technology into over 200 primary schools to begin in early 2019 and Australian company Makers Empire will be key. Read More

8 Oct 2018 | USA
Australian experts deliver school leadership program to USA News Image

Australia’s National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative (NESLI) has been chosen to develop and deliver a ground-breaking national teacher leadership program across the United States. Read More

8 Oct 2018
Some experts' strategies for upcoming exams News Image

With Year 12 exams on the horizon students need some strategies to deal with the pressure, a number of experts weigh in with some advice.
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4 Oct 2018 | National
Winners of the 2018 NGS Super Scholarship Awards announced News Image

NGS Super has announced the winners of the 2018 NGS Super Scholarship Awards which encourage the betterment of those in the independent education sector. Read More

4 Oct 2018 | International
Bookish homes enhance literacy everywhere News Image

The effect of having lots of books around adolescents is profound, even those who didn’t go on to higher education experienced better literacy levels because of their exposure to books. Read More

4 Oct 2018 | Melbourne
New font ‘Sans Forgetica’ helps students study News Image

A new font makes students fill in the gaps, helping with information retention, and its release is timely as exam time kicks off.
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4 Oct 2018 | National
Paper, iPads and child literacy News Image

Find yourself a pre-schooler and there will be a tablet nearby. It’s often a source of concern, after all shouldn’t they be reading books? Yes and no.
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3 Oct 2018 | National
Two years of preschool for smarter Australia News Image

Providing two years of preschool for all children could boost our entire education system and later the economy Mitchell Institute at Victoria University Director, Megan O’Connell says. Read More

3 Oct 2018 | National
How to end the school funding blame game News Image

The Independent Education Union has entered the current public debate around school funding by restating its commitment to needs based funding for all Australian schools. Read More

2 Oct 2018 | South Australia
Aboriginal students graduate in record numbers News Image

SAASTA is a educational program that provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students with skills, learning and development opportunities and given the results it has achieved it seems to be worth continuing. Read More

2 Oct 2018 | National
Feedback essential for better writing News Image

Student writing skills have declined by nearly 24 points since 2011 according to the latest NAPLAN results data and formative feedback is an essential tool in developing core writing skills for life. Read More