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Preparing Education for Industry 4.0

Education has always been concerned with preparing children and young people with the skills and capabilities they need for a full and rewarding future. However, within this statement there exists a significant assumption: that we understand what the future will be. History has shown that as a species we are not particularly good at conceiving of futures that are radically different from what we have today, let alone designing systems to deal with them. Read More


29 Nov 2018 | National
Funding for future female leaders News Image

Funding from The National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative has been made available to both teaching and non-teaching female staff working in Australia’s K–12 education sector. Read More

29 Nov 2018
First Aid App makes for First Aid Action Hero kids in an emergency News Image

St John Ambulance Victoria has released its First Aid Action Hero app, the first Australian-produced First Aid training app specifically designed for primary school-aged children. Read More

28 Nov 2018 | National
Get at-risk children into the bush News Image

One in seven Australians aged 4–17 experience mental health disorders and one strategy that looks to be helpful is combining therapy with adventure in the great outdoors. Read More

28 Nov 2018 | National
Q Project using evidence to unlock student potential   News Image

There is a lot of talk about using evidence to improve teaching and
Monash University’s Q Project will look into who is doing it best.
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28 Nov 2018 | National
Poverty means a lack of experiences for young Australians News Image

A new study concentrates on children’s experience of poverty and making for a better picture of what it feels like to be poor and a fresh perspective.
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28 Nov 2018 | National
Students shine a light on Aussie Farmers’ struggle with performance News Image

This year schools all over Australia have used the Wakakirri Story Dance Challenge as an opportunity to tell stories that reflect students’ views and educate about issues ranging from local news stories to global events through dance and drama. Read More

27 Nov 2018 | National
Inequality has increased since NAPLAN began News Image

Out of all the information that is generated by NAPLAN one thing is becoming increasingly clear; results match socio-economic status.
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22 Nov 2018 | Australia
85% of private schools getting more public funding than public schools News Image

Private schools look to be getting the lion’s share of funding according to a report from the ABC; more than 4,400 public schools — over 70% of the sector — received less public funding than at least one similar private school in 2016. Read More

22 Nov 2018 | Queensland
Program to keep young stars in school News Image

St Hilda’s School on the Gold Coast has firmed up its new Athena Program which lets students with exceptional extra-curricular lives keep up with their schoolwork. Read More

20 Nov 2018 | National
Testing the teaching profession News Image

Teaching is essential but keeping teachers is hard and a new parliamentary inquiry into the profession will seek to find out how those in the profession can be made happy and fulfilled. Read More

19 Nov 2018 | National
Who is ARIA Music Teacher of the Year? News Image

There's only a few days left to vote for your favourite music teacher to win the 2018 ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award.
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19 Nov 2018 | National
Interest in maths falls off in middle years News Image

It begins well but students' engagement with maths tends to drop off in the middle years, especially among girls. The way to deal with the slackening of interest is to instil a level of control and introduce growth mindsets. Read More