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Youth worries about mental health and the environment

The young are supposed to be care free but that isn’t the case, many are deeply concerned about mental health, the state of the world’s climate and the persistence of bullying.
   This year’s Mission Australia Youth Survey Report 2019 surveyed young people aged between 15 to 19 years old in Australia and found some bright spots too, around six in 10 young people felt very happy/happy. Read More


31 Jul 2019 | National
Education and payment partnership streamlines debits News Image

Australasian payments processor Debitsuccess and education management system maker Meshed Group have announced a partnership that looks to deliver efficient direct debit payment plans for students. Read More

31 Jul 2019 | National
Adina Watches’ bespoke service for schools News Image

The gift of a watch is a great way to mark a graduation and Queensland based Adina Watches have launched a bespoke service for Australian schools creating limited edition timepieces. Read More

31 Jul 2019
Higher education trumps social inequity, but it takes time News Image

A degree evens the playing field but it does take time for the paths of the disadvantaged and the better off to converge, about eight years.
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26 Jul 2019 | National
Attendance and student achievement go hand in hand News Image

School attendance and student achievement are closely linked, highlighting the importance of forming good attendance habits early.
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26 Jul 2019 | National
$1000 boost for students’ environmental projects News Image

Applications for a new round of Woolworths Junior Landcare Grants are now open, the grants look to encourage young environmental champions.
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26 Jul 2019 | Vic
Victoria’s Longest-Serving Educators Recognised News Image

More than 400 teachers and staff from the Department of Education and Training have been recognised for their long careers in public education at a ceremony for employees who have reached 40, 45, 50 and 55 years of service in 2019. Read More

26 Jul 2019 | National
Musica Viva In Schools launches 2020 program News Image

Musica Viva has finalised the Musica Viva In Schools 2020 season, the 75th year of the organisation bringing live music to children and educators all over Australia. Read More

26 Jul 2019 | Melbourne
Online programs changing literacy education News Image

Technology is playing a significant role in teaching literacy, with online education programs gaining increasing recognition and presence in schools.
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26 Jul 2019 | National
SBS and the eSafety Commissioner create educational resources about cyber safety News Image

Ahead of the premiere of new SBS drama, The Hunting, SBS has partnered with the eSafety Commissioner to produce educational resources that will help parents and teachers keep young people safe online. Read More

26 Jul 2019 | National
Udderly brilliant – it’s Healthy Bones Action Week News Image

Dairy Australia is calling on all primary schools to get moo-ving this August and take part in the 2019 Healthy Bones Action Week program.
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19 Jul 2019 | National
Why are Australian teachers under so much strain? News Image

An Aussie study has found that teachers are living with unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. Is there a conflict between our changing expectations of education and the current classroom format? Read More

18 Jul 2019 | National
Education a bright spot in slowing jobs market News Image

It’s mid-year and it’s always a quiet time before the madness leading up to Christmas, job market activity is usually slower than usual and most states are recording declines in job ad numbers, that is unless you’re in education. Read More