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Preparing Education for Industry 4.0

Education has always been concerned with preparing children and young people with the skills and capabilities they need for a full and rewarding future. However, within this statement there exists a significant assumption: that we understand what the future will be. History has shown that as a species we are not particularly good at conceiving of futures that are radically different from what we have today, let alone designing systems to deal with them. Read More


14 Feb 2019 | National
Entertainment provides a win win way to fundraise News Image

Entertainment Memberships offer value-for-money offers across dining, travel, leisure and experiences, that’s well known as the program has been running for years. Less well known is their support of charities and community organisations. Read More

14 Feb 2019 | National
First State Super $10k scholarship for teachers News Image

First State Super supports teachers in public schools through its annual professional development scholarship offered through the Public Education Foundation.
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14 Feb 2019 | National
Can we do better than banning mobile phones? News Image

Phones are like relationships, can’t live with them can’t live without them. The mobile phone ban in NSW primary schools is now in effect and while that might protect the kids from online nasties it also means they’re not contactable. Read More

13 Feb 2019 | National
St.George Foundation’s $600,000 Inspire Grant invites applications News Image

St.George Foundation’s Inspire Grant is a three-year grant designed to provide innovative interventions that will change the course of a child’s life.
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13 Feb 2019 | National
Funding agreement no fun for public schools News Image

The recent bilateral school funding agreements between the Commonwealth and the states look to be biased against public schools.
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13 Feb 2019 | National
Malware is at record levels News Image

One thing is certain; never let your guard down online, malware is an ever present and growing concern. Like viruses, malware tactics and forms are shifting in shape and authors of the bugs are targeting organisations more than individuals. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | National
Online resource for stronger and healthier students News Image

RSL Queensland has launched a free online program which teachers can use to help students build resilience, empathy and improve their physical and mental health. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | National
National van tour for public school funding News Image

You’ve got to hand it to the AEU, they’re never backward in coming forward; a fleet of Fair Funding Now! vans will visit public schools in marginal electorates across Australi. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | International
Involved parents make for better students News Image

There’s no substitute for an involved parent if you want the best performance from students with a study out of Israel highlighting that by examining kids who have one deceased or absent parent. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | National
Stressed out teachers schools, need help from parents and pupils News Image

Teachers need love too and no one knows that better than those at the psychological coalface with a corporate psychology organisation reporting a 36% increase in the number of educators seeking support. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | National
What new teachers need News Image

Many new teachers aren’t ‘new’ at all. Whilst about half of graduate teachers are entering the workforce as first career people, for about 20% this is a second career. Read More

7 Feb 2019 | International
Social media junkies are just that, junkies   News Image

It’s the drug of choice of a generation and the addictive nature of social media makes heavy users behave like drug addicts, they get antsy when they’re cut off and will do almost anything get access to their accounts. Read More