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There is no teacher who can teach a student who does not want to learn

Dr Ragnar Purje

William Glasser acknowledges that “there [are] no doubt…some teachers who are more skilful at motivating than [others; however,] there is no teacher, no matter how skilled, who can teach a student who does not want to learn.” Glasser adds to this by noting: “We can force…students to stay in school…but we can no more make those students work than we can make the proverbial horse drink. Read More


7 Mar 2019 | Victoria
Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2019 News Image

Now in its 15th year, the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge continues to help instill a love of reading for life. Last year almost 4 million books were read during the challenge. Read More

7 Mar 2019
How to assess students like astronauts News Image

When NASA wants to uncover how their astronauts learn best so they can tailor and optimise their learning they turn to Mindprint, it's now available for students. Read More

7 Mar 2019 | Melbourne
Adrian Farrer new Trinity Headmaster News Image

Trinity Grammar School, Kew (Vic) has announced that Adrian Farrer will be the school’s 12th Headmaster from January 2020, he is currently Principal at Cathedral College Wangaratta. Read More

5 Mar 2019 | NSW
Central Coast Primary school students managing personal PR News Image

A public relations course which ran at a Central Coast Primary showed students how to optimise their online profile and create a clean digital footprint.
Read More

28 Feb 2019 | National
Wellbeing course has 99% success rate News Image

The Staff Wellbeing Toolkit from NESLI is something that actually works to boost happiness in educators. The impact report found that 98% of the participants reported an increase in their wellbeing. Read More

28 Feb 2019 | International
Australian Christian College Principal spending a day walking in the shoes of a student News Image

The international Shadow a Student Challenge invited principals and teachers from around the world to spend a day shadowing the movements of a school student. Read More

21 Feb 2019 | Melbourne
Scholarship for exceptional Year 12 students who face financial barriers News Image

The University of Melbourne’s new Hansen Scholarship Program to help talented, determined students achieve their ambitions, regardless of social or economic barriers is the result of a generous $30 million gift. Read More

21 Feb 2019 | Melbourne
Class Clowns National Grand Final News Image

Class clowns finally get the chance to bring their underappreciated talent to the big stage with Melbourne International Comedy Festival having scouted Australia for the funniest secondary schoolers. Read More

18 Feb 2019 | Melbourne
Ivanhoe university campus at Latrobe commences News Image

Ivanhoe Grammar School has opened its  University Campus for Year 9 at La Trobe University. It offers a year-long program designed to expose students to the self sufficiency of university life. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | National
Online resource for stronger and healthier students News Image

RSL Queensland has launched a free online program which teachers can use to help students build resilience, empathy and improve their physical and mental health. Read More

8 Feb 2019 | National
National van tour for public school funding News Image

You’ve got to hand it to the AEU, they’re never backward in coming forward; a fleet of Fair Funding Now! vans will visit public schools in marginal electorates across Australi. Read More

7 Feb 2019 | Sydney
Ascham School kits out dedicated print room News Image

Ascham School in Sydney has all but eliminated the waiting and frustration that a slow printer can cause with a dedicated, fully staffed print room.
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