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'Accounting' is not a dirty word

Wendy Collins is a Chartered Accountant and Undergraduate Coordinator and Lecturer in the School of Business, at CHC Higher Education, Brisbane. Collins answers the most important accounting questions for those who are too afraid to ask.

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Do you groan as the deadline approaches for the preparation or approval of your school’s annual budget? After all, you’re an educator, not a ‘bean-counter’! Read More

Taking up the challenge to keep science fun
26 Aug 2016 | Melbourne University, VIC
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Melbourne Uni new recruit Prof Jan Van Driel knows that keeping science fun can be challenging but to counter the declining interest in science among Australian students, teachers need to make science enjoyable and relevant. Read More

Australian schools kids to sing as one
26 Aug 2016 | Australia
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On Thursday 3 November at 2.30, over half a million students from over 2,100 schools in Australia will perform the same song in order to raise the profile of music education and provide students with practical music learning. Read More

Grants to support parent engagement in SA schools
25 Aug 2016 | South Australia
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Grants are available for state schools and preschools to develop programs that encourage parent/caregiver participation in their child’s education, particularly those of minority groups who are underrepresented in decision making. Read More

Newest teachers most likely teaching out of field
25 Aug 2016 | Australia
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According to a report released by ACER, early career secondary teachers are more likely to be teaching outside their area of expertise, most commonly in Media, Geography, Religious Studies and Information Technology. Read More

Vic kids full of beans
24 Aug 2016 | Victoria, Australia
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Victoria's School Breakfast Clubs will serve baked beans and Victorian milk starting next year, benefitting school children and Victorian dairy and baked bean manufacturers. Read More

Online school surveys in NT
22 Aug 2016 | NT, Australia
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The annual school survey is available now until Friday 2 September to students, parents and staff in the Northern Territory, providing an opportunity to comment on the operations of their schools. Read More

Big changes to BOSTES in NSW
22 Aug 2016 | NSW, Australia
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The NSW government will be making changes to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES), after an independent review was undertaken in March 2016, including random, risk-based school inspections. Read More

Inspiring the next generation of leaders
19 Aug 2016 | Australia
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The Halogen Foundation is hosting a new leadership event, The IMAGINATION, to inspire and influence young people. The IMAGINATION will  tour Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in November 2016 and March 2017. Read More

WA Auditor General finds issues with ICT in schools
18 Aug 2016 | Western Australia
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The Auditor General has found some schools are struggling to understand and keep up with changes in information and communications technology (ICT) including slow and unreliable internet and aging devices. Read More

Scientists and Mathematicians in classrooms
18 Aug 2016 | Australia
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Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools is a national volunteer program bringing real science, mathematics and ICT into the classroom through ongoing flexible partnerships. The program will continue thanks to new funding. Read More

Tasmanians will be able to start school earlier
18 Aug 2016 | Tasmania
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From 2020 children will be able to start school in Tasmania from four years and six months instead of five years. Parents will also have the choice to start children at kindergarten from three years and six months. Read More

Uni Scholarship tips for students in rural areas
16 Aug 2016 | Australia
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Country Education Foundation launches online scholarship guide specifically designed for rural and regional students who encounter additional cost issues when wanting to attend University in Australian cities. Read More