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What is screen time doing to the children?

Robyn Pearce outlines the consequences of too much screen time in children.

It was people working in the television industry who told me, years ago, that there is a direct inverse relationship between the amount of TV a person watches (and these days we would include any devices providing entertainment) and the income they’re capable of earning. In other words, those who spend a lot of time being entertained by external sources are not stimulating their creative brain and will not be capable of creating higher income. Read More


School students rise to UAV medical challenge
26 Sep 2016 | Queensland
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Sixty high-school students from Australia, China and California had their UAV skills put to the test in the UAV Airborne Delivery Challenge. Competitors had to deliver medical equipment to an outback location. Read More

How children learn to be ethical consumers
24 Sep 2016 | NSW
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The ways children come to understand and experience ethical consumption is the focus of a PhD research thesis being awarded at the Southern Cross University graduation ceremonies on September 24. Read More

Feel-good research to help children with altered appearance
24 Sep 2016 | QLD
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A web-based computer program, developed at the University of the West of England Centre for Appearance Research, will be trialled in Australia for children, aged 12-17, with disfigurements to feel better about themselves. Read More

Education ministers to discuss school funding model overhaul
22 Sep 2016 | Australia
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A meeting between federal, state and territory ministers tomorrow will be held to discuss education funding beyond 2017. The Commonwealth has released modelling it said showed discrepancies between different school systems. Read More

Exploring careers in art and design with SmArts
22 Sep 2016 | Victoria
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Hume Central Secondary College and Wyndham Central College students demonstrated their creative skills during the three-day SmArts program, with the resulting art piece on display at RMIT. Read More

Sydney Uni continues trend in revealing ATAR cutoffs
22 Sep 2016 | NSW
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The University of Sydney continues trend in revealing ATAR cutoffs to help prospective students make a decision about their study options with a new website featuring the full range of ATAR cutoffs for all courses. Read More

NT battles it out in the Tournament of Minds
18 Sep 2016 | NT
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Tournament of Minds is a problem solving programme for teams of students from both primary and secondary years. The annual brain bending contest is currently underway in NT with 29 schools competing for the crown. Read More

Art Gallery of NSW announces 2016 Young Archie winners
18 Sep 2016 | NSW
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The Art Gallery of NSW have selected the four winners of the 2016 Young Archie competition. Budding artists between 5-18 years were invited to submit a portrait of someone special to them.  Read More

What makes a good external exam teacher
15 Sep 2016 | Queensland
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Queensland is moving towards new senior school assessment, with year 11 and 12 students sitting external exams starting with year 11s in 2018. To facilitate these changes Dr Smeed advises how to teach to help achieve the best results. Read More

Sustainability Awards finalists
15 Sep 2016 | Victoria
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CERES and Winters Flat PS are finalists in the Victorian Sustainability Awards within the Education category. The awards aim to promote leadership and innovation in sustainability, and encourage a broader adoption of these practices. Read More

Awarding exemplary teachers of teachers
14 Sep 2016 | Australia
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109 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning will be awarded to university academics as part of the Government’s 2016 Australian Awards for University Teaching program, including in the areas of early childhood and education. Read More

Non–biased issue resolution for government schools
13 Sep 2016 | Victoria
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A new Independent Panel for School Dispute Resolution will be established to help deal with the most complex complaints in Victorian government schools that have not been able to be resolved locally. Read More

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