Later this year the 2018 PISA results will be released. Will any of the states’ results return to a positive growth position compared with 2003?

You may feel this is not relevant to you or your school. However, when you examine the historical record of your school’s NAPLAN results, will you find there is positive growth in student outcomes year after year? After all, you have skilled teachers who have taught the same subject material year after year. Aren’t they getting better at this through their years of experience, or are they unaware of their level of teaching effectiveness; their impact?

Teachers who use AutoMarque to regularly conduct pre-test/post-test analysis of their students, in their everyday teaching, find they are alerted to the level of their impact and as a consequence challenge themselves to improve their impact on student outcomes. They are aided in this by AutoMarque’s ‘Learning Needs Analysis’ that helps to speed up learning through the power of forensic feedback. Another unique aspect of AutoMarque is that it enables teachers to conduct ‘item analysis’ helping to guarantee that only quality questions are used, be they written response, multiple choice or practical assessments.

We find the incidental benefit for schools that regularly conduct pre-test/post-test analysis, in their everyday teaching, is that their NAPLAN outcomes improve by about ten points, year after year. In effect the teachers in those schools are improving their impact because of their improved awareness.

If Australia is to turn around its PISA outcomes every teacher needs to know their impact and take steps to improve it. Only by improving our impact can we truly say that we are improving Australia’s outcomes.

We would be pleased to provide you with a demonstration of how AutoMarque can help you and your team improve their impact via Skype at a time that suits you.