What started out as an event staged with a handful of primary schools at Sutherland Entertainment Centre in Sydney in 1992 has grown into a national event with more than 250 primary and secondary schools participating last year. Wakakirri is now Australia’s largest performing arts event for schools.

The Aboriginal word Wakakirri means ‘to dance a story’ according to the Wangaaypuwan people from Cobar NSW. It was chosen to give the event an Australian feel. The Story Dance Challenge invites students to tell a story of their choice using a combination of creative movement and acting to pre-recorded music.

Wakakirri has been designed to be accessible for every Australian school and every Australian school child. This goal will be fully realized in 2017 when the Secondary Challenge expands nationally for the first time.

Wakakirri is an experience that students cherish for the rest of their lives and one that promotes a lasting appreciation of the performing arts. Parents often comment, “I wish I could have done something like this when I was a kid!”

Registrations to participate in this year’s competition are open now with the Primary and Secondary Challenges in Vic and Qld closing on 31 March and on 7 April in ACT, NSW, SA, NT and WA.

email wakakirri@wakakirri.com
tel 1800 650 979