Brisbane based SMG Technologies has introduced Baseline, the first product available to offer the ability to tap into the same technology used by elite sporting professionals and large international colleges.

Baseline centralises communication tools, notifications and data from any source on staff and student health, wellbeing, training and performance. XELA, a predictive analytic engine collates, monitors and analyses the information and provides trends and changes in wellness, health or injury or behavioural patterns. This allows staff to be alerted to any issues, potential injuries or health concerns as well as saving valuable time with communicating and coordinating across large student numbers and sporting codes.

The Baseline platform can integrate with current school systems. Students, athletes and staff can access the mobile tool and update up to 22 Baseline metrics including sleep quality, fatigue, motivation, appetite, injury related variable and stress levels for that day.

Daily results are securely protected and alerts and trends sent to authorised support staff in real time to warn of individuals at risk of injury or under physical or mental pressure.

The importance of monitoring stress, sleep, nutrition and overall wellness was demonstrated by an initiative of SMG Technologies research and development team, which focused on the general health and welfare of over 130 young Australian student athletes and school captains in correlation to their performance, both on the field and academically.

Results showed students who slept less than the recommended eight hours were more likely to suffer from stress, fatigue and a decrease in motivation and nutritional choices. In addition, the research showed too little sleep is linked to a decrease in academic focus and an increase in injury during training or competition.

NSW independent girls school Pymble Ladies College has been using Baseline since May to monitor the health and performance of students. Dual sport champion, Ellyse Perry and SMG sport science expert Naomi Wallis trained the students on using the mobile solution at a recent educational workshop.