With a recent announcement by the Minister for Education that coding will be included from Year 5 in the revised Australian Curriculum, schools need to find solutions for implementation of this change. Options might include retraining teachers, hiring someone or looking to an external provider.??
Established in NSW and now Australia-wide, ScopeIT Education offers a turnkey service for teaching code, providing everything from instructors and equipment, including a 3D printer, to lesson plans and student assessment.??
ScopeIT K–6 primary courses are structured around the Australian Curriculum and the BOSTES Syllabus and cover a range of STEM pathways across three strands, and their respective KLAs: Creative Coding, Exciting Electronics and Digital Living. Courses on offer include learning to code, 3D printing, building websites, robotics, creating apps and online safety, with future programs in review for 2016 rollout.??
“To me, coding ticks so many boxes for education looking at logical thinking processes, working memory and putting things in order. Imagination is the only limit to coding,” Glenn O’Neill, Principal of Mt. Kuring-gai Public School said.??
Working with the Australian Primary Principals Association, ScopeIT Education courses have been developed to teach the fundamentals behind the technology that is shaping students’ futures. ??
Creative Coding teaches age appropriate computer software, website and app design and development. Hands-on electronics design and construction is the focus of Exciting Electronics, to give students the opportunity to build hardware and combine it with coding they write in working devices. Digital Living has been developed to provide students with the skills and understanding to navigate the internet safely, effectively and with privacy in mind.??
“We believe that every student should have access to the digital skills they will need to succeed in their future careers and workplaces. We want to give kids the tools to learn and create, not just consume,” says ScopeIT Education founder and CEO, Frank Lucisano.??

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