The collection of Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability data (NCCD) in schools happens in many shapes and sizes.

Some schools use spreadsheets, others use Word documents, some store these on Google Docs, some on thumb drives while others print them out. For many busy office staff, the task requires a lot of input and effort.

It’s all rather random … and Michael Tunks CEO of education systems software Impromation is inviting schools to work with his company to develop an automated secure web-based system that streamlines the recording, storage and annual rollover of the NCCD data.

“If your school answers ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we want to hear from you,” he says.

  • What if the whole process could be automated in a secure web-based system that streamlined the recording, storage and annual rollover of the NCCD data?

  • What if you could interrogate this data for school decision-making purposes?

  • What if you could annotate entries at any time during the year to update details?

  • What if teachers could access data for students in their class online anytime and what if student information moved automatically to their new class each year?

  • What if your data could tell your school’s story at the press of a button – NCCD counts and totals in each disability category by gender, year level or age?

  • What if this data could be used to help plan classes each year?

  • What if you could separate valid NCCD data from other required learning adjustments and track both datasets throughout a student’s school history?

“ImproMation has been working with Australian schools for over 15 years and most of our good ideas come from school staff when someone asks the question, “Wouldn’t it be good if we could …?
“We are seeking schools in each State and from all schooling systems to work with us to develop EZ-NCCD (the working title for now) for 2019.”

Interested? Contact Michael Tunks at The ImproMation Group
tel (02) 9533 9233