Digistorm Education and Alaress Pty Ltd have partnered to develop a new fully integrated mobile app specifically for the Schoolbox Virtual Learning environment. According to Director Sean Richards, Schoolbox is the first VLE to include a fully integrated app.

The new School App provides parents of children who attend schools using the Schoolbox platform with targeted push notifications, messages, calendars, news, timetable information and data drawn dynamically from the system.

Chris Lang, National Sales Manager of Digistorm said: “The app delivers smarter communications for parents who can rely on real-time updates, alerts, activity feeds and time-sensitive information. For teachers the new app enables improved collaboration and engagement with their colleagues, students and parents”.

Modules include Messages, Calendar, News, Timetable, Due Work, Newsletter, Contacts, Videos integrated with YouTube and Vimeo accounts, and Links to important online resources.

Designed to be an extension of the school’s online identity and branding, the app is can be readily customised to each Schoolbox school’s preferences.

Educational programs in the Digistorm suite are: School app (provides mobile solution integrated with school systems); Reach (centralises school’s communication across multiple platforms); Enrol (online applications for prospective parents) and School Website (engaging online websites for schools).

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