Where first impressions count… in the school reception, SIGNiT replaces the sign-in book of old with an easy-to-use Point of Identification system for visitors, contractors and staff.

The system is cloud-based and is accessed at the front desk through a PC, Mac or a touch screen device. The welcome page can be personalised with the school’s logo, colours and message.

When activated, the user is offered three choices: visitor, contractor and staff, followed by an easy-to-complete screen that records whatever information the school wants to capture, e.g. visitor data might include name of visitor, whom seeing, purpose of visit, while a contractor might be required to provide information of work to be performed and area of the school where the work is to be done.

Teacher sign-in tracks the compliance status of permanent and casual staff and notifies the school and staff member when a compliance expiry date is approaching. As well, time sheets for categories of staff can be generated automatically, saving the time-consuming task of transcribing manual time books and completing timesheets.

Real-time access through the administration area shows who is on-site and where, and in an emergency, instantly creates an evacuation report.

SIGNiT will also manage multiple sites or multiple entry points to a site and centralise all visitor information. There’s also a quick sign-in function for returning visitors and another to keep track of keys distributed to visitors and staff.
The annual cost is based on the number of children attending the school

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