Robotics offers promising outcomes for the education sector. These outcomes have the potential to revolutionise the learning process.

Robotics can bridge the gap between ‘learning’ and ‘fun’
Robotics engage all of a child’s learning senses, making the process of assimilating information and building new neural pathways all the more impactful. Complicated theoretical concepts in maths and science become a full-body learning experience when they’re demonstrated with the use of robotics. It’s like seeing the concept in action to understand it better.

Robotics lessons in school prepare children to work in the developing markets

You only need to examine the medical industry to understand the profound impact robotics and technology have on the world around us. No industry is exempt from these changing times. Along with established markets which are ever more reliant on technology, new markets are emerging. Drones and quadcopters are one example – technicians and innovators who can build, repair and improve on the existing designs will be in high demand in the future.
Those who are naturally inclined towards this line of work shouldn’t encounter it for the first time at a tertiary level. They should be well-practised with these mechanisms in their primary education phase. Furthermore, research indicates that children who are exposed to a wider range of activities at a young age, manage to find a profession they enjoy earlier in life – helping them to thrive.

Robotics help special needs children to integrate better
Robotics can help to broaden the spectrum of students and learning abilities a mainstream school can cater to. Repetition, predictability, and a sense of calm engage children with special needs, like those on the autism spectrum. There are a number of robotics programs designed specifically around these needs.

How can schools incorporate robotics?
There has been an increase in school teams participating in robotics competitions, such as FIRST LEGO League and the FIRST Robotics Competition (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).

There are a number of third-party companies that offer services which help schools to make a smooth transition. Nvoke Partners offers schools and organisations assistance with this transition. They take a holistic look at the needs of an organisation and custom-design a strategy for the transition to facilitate the best outcomes.