Snakes and ladders anyone? Hopscotch …adventure trails …maybe a road safety track? Developed in the UK, where colourful designs have been installed in more than 700 schools, and now available in Australia, Project Playgrounds markings transform blank concrete and bitumen play areas into vibrant, imaginative spaces for spontaneous play and structured games.

Originally designed for use on highways and later adapted for use within play and recreational areas, durability is the key property of this thermoplastic material. Manufactured from a combination of granulated plastic and glass bead, it is non-toxic, non-slip, colour-fast, extremely durable and comes with a 10-year warranty on the material and a one-year warranty on the installation.

The material can be applied to any dry, unbroken cement or bitumen surface. Using a propane burner, it is heated until it melts and bonds with the substrate. Once cool (within approximately 10 minutes of application) the markings are ready for use, unlike paint or other forms of marking which will require hours to dry and render play and recreational areas off limits.

Depending on size and complexity, an installation is normally completed in one day from precision laser cut shapes that are carefully positioned to form the design before the heat is applied.

Project Playgrounds offers a wide choice of stock patterns and can also manufacture to a supplied design such as a school crest or artwork created by students. Always a favourite, Hopscotch comes in a variety of variations including Traditional, Rocket, Bubble and Earth and Sky with three- and four-way turn designs that ensure no-one has to wait long for a turn.

The numeracy patterns include numbered snakes, crocodiles and caterpillars, animal counts, number ladders and lines, fraction lines and calculating caterpillars all designed to make learning part of playing.

Literacy markings can be manufactured to the school’s requirements with upper and lower case letters, all upper and all lower on the backs of the creatures.

Grid and board games are available in line work, semi solid or full solid thermoplastic. Old and tired markings that still provide a valuable function can be transformed so that they are as good as new, but sometimes it is necessary to completely cover an existing marking simply because there is no other option. This process can be expensive but the results are stunning, permanent and long lasting.

Playground games that develop skill, dexterity and hand-eye coordination include the Skill Snake, Ball Skill Dribble, Piggy in the Middle and more than a dozen other well-loved designs.

For older children, Science, Nature and Geography designs include world maps, and town and village maps that include local points of interest. And for astronomers there’s the solar system and the popular human sundial.
It’s never too soon to teach children road safety and for schools with sufficient space, a road safety track is a Project Playgrounds specialty. These come with accurate road markings, traffic signs and parking spots. Simple circuits provide great fund for younger children while the more comprehensive tracks aid in the teaching of road safety and cycling proficiency.

For those schools that have limited space or want to zone particular areas, Multi Courts are ideal. Football, Netball, Tennis Court, Short Tennis Court and Handball can be supplied in standard sizes, or correctly proportioned to fit into the available space.

Multicourts are available for Football/Basketball, Netball/Basketball, Netball/Short Tennis and Netball/ Football/Basketball. Cricket Practice Station, Cricket Match Pitch and full Rounders Pitch complete the range.