The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is reminding schools that Term 1 is the ideal time to dig in and start planting. It’s easy to get started – with just a few planting (and cooking) pots students can enjoy the benefits of a hands-on approach to food.

A kitchen garden program engages all types of students through fun and practical learning in kitchen and garden classes. Educators can also make meaningful links between the program and all areas of the Australian Curriculum.
A kitchen garden program changes the way children approach food. The program fosters a deep understanding of how to grow and cook fresh, seasonal, delicious dishes – to give them positive food habits that last a lifetime, and which flow through to the wider community.

Both primary and secondary schools will benefit from a kitchen garden program and have the flexibility to design a program that is best suited to their students, staff and wider community. The Foundation emphasis that schools don’t need a huge grant or expensive kitchen and garden equipment… start small and grow will keep the program manageable in the early stages.

The Foundation offers a range of products and services to help schools: Curriculum-linked resources, recipes and garden activity sheets, professional development, and ongoing email and phone support.

By joining the Kitchen Garden Classroom, schools are connected to a vibrant online community of over 1000 schools that are currently delivering pleasurable food education.