With primary and secondary schools moving towards one-to-one tablet or iPad policies, in which each child has his or her own device, the cost to the school’s ICT budget is significant and this investment needs to be protected by secure storage cabinets, charging stations and distribution equipment.
James Symons CEO of PC Locs says: “Technology has many advantages in the classroom, but unlike textbooks, tablets have to be ‘managed’. With increasing demands on teachers, and the worry they are becoming restricted and limited in their time to teach pupils, efficient solutions to mobile storage and deployment are increasingly important.
“Our unique baskets not only keep iPads and tablets safe, they also reduce the time spent by teachers distributing the devices and the time spent by children queuing up to put them back into a traditional cabinet.
“They are also the ideal way of safely moving devices between classrooms or even to outdoor locations. Because they are not heavy and have a rugged carrying handle, pupils can manage them effectively.
All products from PC Locs [Carrier 10 Charging Station, Carrier 20 Cart, iQ 10 Charging Station, iQ 10 Sync Charge Station and iQ 20 Cart) can charge, store secure and transport almost any device (some even have syncing functionality).
They are also easy to operate; after class, simply place the devices in the baskets (supplied with each product), put the baskets into the charging station, plug them in and lock it up.

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