We all have one; a partition or a piece of furniture in an exposed or wet area that’s been attacked by mould, rust, the sun or even graffiti vandalism. It’s unhealthy, miserable looking, high maintenance, costly and also very hard to beat no matter the number of times you wash, paint, sand or fill it.

There has to be a better way, enter Nuvex whose range of polymer sheet for toilet and shower partitioning and furniture products guarantees a hardwearing, graffiti resistant, attractive finish for the term of its life.

Under testing, Nuvex products outperform phenolic, wood, laminate, and metal products in almost every measure of lifespan and durability. If the environment is top of mind, Nuvex products are an environmentally friendly alternative that will never rot, split, absorb water, grow mildew, splinter or require painting, ever.

“Traditional compact laminate products are less expensive in comparison but inevitably this product will end up as land fill and can never, ever be recycled. Whereas our Nuvex product can be granulated back into pellet form at the end of its life and then remoulded into a new product. Nuvex is a 100% recyclable product that is ideal for any high traffic environment subjected to regular abuse and graffiti,” says National Product Specialist Mark Bowden.
A new school desktop product has also been added to the Nuvex range, eliminating the need for costly new furniture purchases.

Existing desks can be fitted with a new hard-wearing, graffiti resistant Nuvex top. This product doesn’t require any special treatment, as it can be screwed to an existing desk framework. Sanding is also possible without any sealing or painting required.

“By refitting exiting desks with a new top we can deliver a great-looking result at a quarter of the price of buying a new,” Bowden says.

Nuvex has been tried and tested in the field and has held up well under some very tough conditions.

“I recently resurfaced some of our product at a shopping centre at Hurstville, Sydney that had been in service for the past six years. Now six years down the track, the client is still happy with the Nuvex product’s graffiti resistance and toughness. As an experiment, I sanded down the surface with regular 80 grit sand paper and I was able to be bring the product back to new. I can’t think of another product that this can be done with.”

There are cheaper products alternatives available but Nuvex product more than pays for itself over the term of its life.

“In most schools that I’ve visited during the holiday break, the maintenance personnel seem to spend an inordinate amount of time sanding and painting outdoor furniture. All that work and expense can be done away with by using a superior material,” Bowden says.

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