In December 2007 at the Australian Museum, the stunning photographic exhibition, Face to Face, will be on display. After this, in 2008, our exciting new Dinosaurs exhibition will open.   

In Face to Face students will engage with powerful large-scale portraits of apes. These photographs were taken by James Mollison and highlight the vitality and intelligence of these majestic animals. The apes portrayed are mainly orphans, victims of the illicit trades in ‘bushmeat’ and live animals. All the great apes are under threat in their natural environment due to poaching and the pressures of humans on the land.

The primate faces depicted in Face to Face are as unique and expressive as our own, with a startling intensity that reinforces our close relation to them. This exhibition will enable students to reflect on their relationship with these distant cousins and to contemplate their vulnerability and survival.

In the Dinosaurs exhibition students will discover the captivating story of how dinosaurs lived, what they were like and which ones are alive today. By engaging with the fossil evidence, looking at modern animal behavior and using new technologies, students will experience the science behind bringing dinosaurs to life, including the chance to test their skills in the palaeontology lab. Grand-scale dinosaur skeletons will be on display in this dramatic exhibition along with prehistoric animals that shared their Mesozoic world.

Students will have the opportunity to see Face to Face at the Australian Museum from 22 December 2007 to 27 April 2008. Dinosaurs is due to open in March 2008. Call the number below to confirm availability for class bookings. Both exhibitions are free with Museum entry.
Additional educator-led activities will be available for Dinosaurs in 2008.

Contact Education Bookings Officer tel (02) 9320 6163 or visit web