The release of a new international standard for measuring the colour brightness of projector images will revolutionise the way teachers and other serious users assess their projector purchases, according to Epson.

The Society for Information Display (SID), a global professional organisation dedicated to the development of the display industry, released in June its 563-page International Display Measurement Standard (IDMS) which sets out standardised measurement methodologies for displays, including projectors.

SID concluded that a colour performance standard is scientifically valid and relevant for the display industry and included the methodology for assessing colour performance of projectors in the IDMS for the first time. This measurement tool (referred to by SID as Colour Light Output) provides consumers with a specification to evaluate colour performance, a critical aspect of image quality.

When applied to projectors with the same rated white light output but different projection technologies the new SID standard shows that 3LCD projectors consistently output each colour at the same intensity or brightness as white light. However some other projector technologies output each colour down to as little as 26 per cent of their rated white light output.