Hewlett-Packard has launched its first fully functional ultra-mobile mini notebook computer. Compact and lightweight, the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC provides students with all the capabilities of a standard notebook in a usable small device. At roughly the size of a mouse-mat, the HP Mini-Note is so small that it can be easily slipped into a school bag or satchel with ample room for other items, such as textbooks and a lunchbox. Weighing just 1.19 kg, the Mini-Note is light enough to be carried from class, to library and home again. With an 22 cm screen and a QWERTY keyboard, which is 92% the size of a standard keyboard, the HP Mini-Note is extremely usable.

Jerel Chong, Market Development Manager, Notebook PCs, HP Australia said: ‘By offering a small, affordable and fully-functional device like the HP Mini-Note, we are arming students with a device that allows them to make the most of their time, whether it be for work or for play.’

The HP Mini-Note features a sleek exterior with no visible screws for enhanced durability. Prices start at $A899 incl GST.
Contact www.hp.com.au