The ImproMation Group has developed ezNCCD – an online system to streamline the recording, storage and annual rollover of NCCD evidence for students.

CEO Michael Tunks said: “Tracking and recording NCCD evidence is vital – but it can be very time-consuming.  ImproMation has worked with schools across the country to define what data needs to be collected and how best to do this, ezNCCD online is easy to use, it collects and stores the information comprehensively and makes the annual rollover requirement a simple routine.”

The system
•    Stores student related evidence in one location
•    Automates disability category and learning adjustment reports
•    Access and update entries online
•    Allows teachers to access to their class information
•    Automatically rolls over student data into new classes from year to year
•    Utilises collected information for school decision making
•    Satisfies audit requirements