Michael O’Sullivan Principal, St Joseph’s Primary School in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane explains why he chose to study at ACU for his Master of Educational Leadersip.

 “I was working as a teacher within the Catholic school system when I decided to study for my masters. It was the next step, a requirement really if I wanted to move up the ranks – and also an important opportunity to further my own knowledge.

“ACU was the obvious choice because of its reputation and because I knew a qualification from a Catholic university would dovetail perfectly with my work. The knowledge I gained through my leadership degree was absolutely excellent. It was a very practical degree that really added to my credibility, gave me skills I could apply immediately and set me up for lifelong learning.

“I was not living in Brisbane at the time, so I studied via distance learning. The course also involved intensive holiday programs at the campus, which gave me contact with teachers and fellow students. What really stood out for me was the way the lecturers worked with us, guiding us so we could improve our work and achieve our best.

"As Principal at St Joseph’s, my goal is to provide a great, wholesome education for our students – to make sure that what we give them sets them up for the next steps in their life. That’s my passion, and it means we have to keep changing how we do things, from year to year, because education has to be appropriate for the students who are in front of us today.

"As a leader, I always try to be true to my values and I never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. I try to be approachable to everyone, and set a culture where everyone is valued and supported.”