Australia’s largest PC manufacturer, Optima has developed a product in collaboration with Intel® and Microsoft®, specifically for the education market and tailored to the needs of primary school students. 

The Optimate PC enters a new category of low cost, ultra portable notebook it is the size of a lunch box and is rugged enough to stand up to school life. It comes complete with its own carry handle, allowing even the youngest of students to transport the device between school and home.

The Optimate PC supports the students’ and teachers’ experience with a series of powerful Microsoft® desktop tools. It offers optional piece of mind protection and security by using Microsoft® Live™ Suite and Microsoft® OneCare™ – giving guardians the freedom to control, monitor, filter and block unwanted emails and websites.

The Optimate PC comes complete with easy to use E-learning tools, allowing teachers to monitor students’ work, broadcast educational videos and even set up an interactive classroom quiz, with the ability to view answers immediately. 

Schools can lower the cost of ownership by saving on costs of external devices such as projectors because Optimate allows the teacher to stream content from their notebook onto the students’ notebooks. With a large 40 GB hard drive, the Optimate PC has a larger storage capacity than other low cost PCs, many of which use flash storage.

The manufacturers state that the Optimate PC is future proof, as it will support additional software to meet ongoing requirements. The notebooks can be recharged overnight; the 6-cell battery stores up to 4.5 hours of power.