The Keepad Interactive ICT collection

Schools can transform any whiteboard into an interactive classroom workspace with the eBeam Pod. By using this technology, the classroom whiteboard has dual functions. It can be used as a fully functioning interactive whiteboard, or used with standard marker pens for a passive lesson.

The eBeam Pod can be used in either ‘Projector’ or ‘Whiteboard Capture’ mode. The former, which requires operation with a data projector, allows annotation and control with an interactive stylus pen while ‘Capture’ mode allows operation without a data projector and enables the teacher to capture all material written on the whiteboard in normal marker pen (housed in a special sleeve) to their computer for future reference and re-use.

eBeam Wheel
The eBeam is intuitive and easy to use and require less training to get up to speed. Having all the annotation and mouse functions on the eBeam Interactive Tool Palette Wheel makes it easier to prepare and conduct a lesson because there is less to remember and the system anticipates the next desired option.

With the eBeam Wheel, there are fewer distracting toolbars to get in the way of the lesson content by competing for interactive workspace.

TurningPoint keypads
Teachers can engage the whole class and give every student a voice with a set of TurningPoint student response system keypads. These credit card size keypads are distributed to students, allowing them to respond to questions posed on MS PowerPoint slides by the teacher. The IR and RF are multiple-choice keypads while the XR is the self-paced assessment version.

Student responses are instantly collated and displayed on screen, promoting valuable class discussion. The software suite also includes TurningPoint Anywhere software that allows a teacher to poll the class in any software application or browser. 

The keypads can be used anonymously or assigned to students, enabling the recording of each child‘s responses.

Faculties wishing to conduct self-paced assessment can save valuable teacher time using the XR keypads, which allow alphanumeric responses and provide automatic test marking and reporting.

TestingPoint, a MS Word-based authoring programme supplied as part of the TurningPoint suite allows teachers to quickly create tests with: Multiple choice, Multiple response, Matching, Short answer, True/false, Numeric response, Fill in the blank and Essay questions.
QuestionPoint, with its bank of 30,000 or so questions, is also included.

Promethean launches cross platform ActivInspire software
ActivInspire is an easy-to-use software package designed to be adaptable to a teacher’s experience, subject matter or teaching style.

The software can be used across multiple operating platforms in combination with both the ActivBoard and other interactive whiteboard manufacturers. Fully integrated with Promethean’s existing product range, ActivInspire is created for use in classrooms from primary and elementary through to secondary, high school and higher education.

ActivInspire is available in two versions: Personal and Professional. The Personal edition is a free download. The Professional edition contains a range of new and enhanced features including an intelligent shapes library, screen recorder and handwriting recognition. It is currently on offer at a promotional cost until the end of June at

ActivInspire contains a range of new features designed to enhance teaching in the classroom:
• Fully compatible with all major operating platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux, and a range of interactive whiteboards.
• Choice of Primary or Secondary user interface from a single application.
• Full integration of ActivClassroom solutions, including Promethean’s ActiVote and ActivExpression Learner Response Systems.
• The ability to customise and personalise toolbars and layout of the programme.
• An extended library of resources with thousands of ready-to-use flipcharts, backgrounds, images, shapes and activities that can be accessed through Promethean’s online teaching community, Promethean Planet (
• A toolbar that updates automatically with the most frequently used and last used tools.
• Integrated media players, images, and audio, as well as existing resources, even if from different interactive whiteboard software or programs such as PowerPoint.

Existing users of Promethean's products will be entitled to a free upgrade to the ActivInspire Professional edition.