You may well respond by saying that “all our teachers do their best.” However, that does not answer the question. If you were to say that “our teachers improve our students learning faster and deeper that the average for Australia”, then you probably have a measure of their effectiveness. Sadly, most schools do not know the effectiveness of their teachers, as evidenced by Australia’s OECD PISA results which have been declining compared with many nations.

Nottingham Post, September 28, 2015 quotes Kevin Fear, head teacher at Nottingham High School, UK, as saying that, “giving students tablets is the wrong approach to technology”. Instead he asserts, “Why not spend the money on hiring more teachers instead?”

An article on the front page of The New York Times, 4 May 2007 “Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops” describes how research on the effectiveness of laptop computers in students’ hands was a waste of resources.

On Sunday 24th January this year, the Sydney Morning Herald had an article titled “Shock report questions benefits of computers”.

To those in the profession who keep up with educational research, these statements sadly confirm what they already knew. The tragedy is that the education profession has a long history of following fad and fashion while ignoring the research. Australia’s position, as seen on these two graphs further confirms what we have known for some time. The Age, 16 September 2015, page 10, Report URL The important question to ask is; “Where next”?

Prof John Hattie has often stated “Know thy Effect”. It is only by measuring their effectiveness can teachers re-examine what they have been doing and take steps to improve their teaching.

Those teachers who use AutoMarque, on the one hand save considerable time and on the other hand learn how effective their teaching has been. AutoMarque’s diagnostics provide teachers and students with forensic analysis to enhance their mutual progress.

When teachers provide their students with feedback on their ‘Index of Educational Growth’, it enhances their motivation and ultimate success.