If your school’s outcomes are not getting better each year, as measured by NAPLAN, your team’s work is not providing sufficient improvement to grow our National Wealth.

You can see therefore, that your school is like so many other schools across the nation, which are reflected in these PISA results. On the one hand the reader can see each line on the graph is descending and then if you look at our National Growth, it quantifies the degree to which our downward slide has taken place.

 Many schools have been wasting their time having students complete practice NAPLAN tests, as the research and PISA results confirm.

Clearly, as a nation we need better teaching to produce better outcomes. Teachers are finding AutoMarque to be a game changer. It is designed for assessment for learning, and to save teachers’ time in the process, as it does the marking and data input through the school photocopier. More importantly, it empowers teachers in new powerful ways that are life changing, such as:

  • The quality of each assessment. By knowing the quality of each assessment, teachers make far better use of class time. Do you know the statistical reliability of any of your assessments or the quality of each question?
  • Learning needs analysis for each student in just one strand of learning, at a time, (not the whole test) giving a totally new meaning to differentiated instruction.
  • The index of educational growth of each student. Measuring the individual’s growth in learning rather than being compared with peers. Being able to easily send the results, as a graphic, to each parent by e-mail, is a game changer. It helps parents to be better informed thus assisting to motivate their child.
  • Being told the nature of a student’s misunderstanding when she/he provides an incorrect answer, improves your understanding about the student’s thinking and saves time.
  • Knowing the impact that the teacher has on the class. It can be enlightening to know how effective you are in real terms, at improving the outcomes of a class group.  Prof John Hattie - “Know Thy Impact”.

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