Keeping track of the grades, assessment scores, individual learning plans, student work samples, attendance details and more for each student in a school can be a challenge… the more students there are, the harder tracking their achievements becomes.

The GradeXpert Student Data Tracking system builds a comprehensive record from the student’s first day in preparatory to Year 12 graduation. Version 8, launched in time for Term 2 has many new features and refinements in all modules. The release notes list eight significant changes in Students and Results. These include:

MySQL database
GradeXpert now uses an improved database system called MySQL, ensuring the system is much more stable and reliable.

Student maps
Student maps have been enhanced to allow data entry direct into a map; specify which users have access to a specific map; and can be used to enter end of semester results and see other assessment results in the same screen, including previous semester. Student maps can also contain an entire term or years worth of assessment data on a single sheet, making it very easy to see what data for specific classes or years has or has not yet been entered.

Student details
Parent details, such as their relationship to the student and contact details, can be imported or added to each student and shown on the student’s screen, making it easy for teachers to find this information when needed.

Separated data tabs
Instead of showing all data on a single grid, student results, notes, ILPs, attendance data and printed reports are now shown on separate tabs on the student learning profile, making it easier to find specific data.

Individual learning plans
Refinements include an unlimited length comments entry box with formatting options; a student signature box added; and an existing ILP can be saved to a different student with automatic replacement of student names and pronouns.

Reports and graphs
All reports in GradeXpert can now be exported in a new CSV format (text format) that removes all formatting and can easily be opened and used in Excel.

Comment bank
When editing teacher comments, the comment bank is now integrated into the comment entry screen instead of a separate screen. This allows the teacher to see comments available in the Comment Bank while entering or editing a comment, without needing to load another screen.

Report designer
GradeXpert Version 8 has removed much of the hard work out of generating useful and easy to understand reports. For example, a Student Report can now be emailed directly to parents with data, comments and samples of handwriting or art included.

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