Epson’s new ultra short throw wide screen projector – the EMP-400W – delivers a 60 inch wide screen image from as close as 65 cm, which means it can project a large image without interfering with audience space.

EMP-400W can be mounted on a boom attached to the wall so the presenter can stand close to the image and interact with the whiteboard without shadows interfering with the audience’s view, and without lamp glare in the presenter’s eyes.

Epson’s newly developed high precision lens projects in Wide XGA (1280 x 768 pixels), an increasingly common format for laptops and PCs, and it can also be adjusted for interactive white boards (and regular screens) to give aspect ratios of 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10.

Epson makes its own low cost highly efficient E-TOR lamps, and the 4000 hour 1800 Ansi lumen long life lamp in the EMP-400W can be replaced easily by loosening a single screw on the hatch on top of the projector.

Each EMP-400W can be individually operated and monitored from a remote PC if connected to a LAN. In a school environment, each projector may be turned on or off via the network and any abnormalities monitored from a central facilities management office.

The EMP-400W has dual VGA inputs, audio out, a 10W speaker and a LAN port for remote monitoring. It comes with Epson’s 3-year warranty.

Epson continues to be the market leader in projector sales globally and in Australia, with a 20% share of the Australian market in 2007 for its broad range of 3LCD education, corporate and high definition home theatre projectors.

The EMP-400W is distributed in Australia by Ingram Micro, Alloys and Westan and is available now through Epson dealers.