China. Not so much the elephant in the room as the biggest safari park in the world, that happens to be parked on our doorstep. Understanding China is crucial, especially for Australia.

Everything about China is vast – its cities, its distances, its population, its challenges, its growth and its potential – and the speed of economic and social change over the last few decades has been dizzying. One of the many legacies of the One Child Policy has been the explosion of the education sector as four grandparents and two parents pour all their hopes, dreams and aspirations on the head of one small child.

China’s educational system has achieved some excellent results and its approach to education, and in particular to teacher mentoring, has been of interest to educators around the globe. As always in China, its education system is changing fast, with the explosion of the private sector in response to a growing and aspirational middle class only too well aware of the fierce competition within China.

Looking at China through the prism of its education system sheds light on not only its schooling but also the society, culture and history underpinning its contemporary approaches to education. It also gives insight into the cultural expectations of Chinese students studying in Australia, and perhaps just as importantly, those of their parents. A new Education in China study tour (27 March – 9 April 2016) takes Australian educators to six centres in China – Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Yangshuo – for a first hand examination of policy, teacher training and classroom technique across both private and public sectors. It examines secondary, primary and also early education in urban and rural areas and takes participants directly to the educators and policy makers in China.

On this study tour, participants learn about the challenges and solutions used by their peers in China and bring their own experiences to discussions about different approaches to education. Cultural experiences are interwoven with professional visits and talks, resulting in a much deeper understanding of both China and its education system. There is also the opportunity to create professional relationships that can flourish long after the tour ends.

Jon Baines Tours is a specialist study tour operator with 20 years experience in China.
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