Fit bodies and strong minds will come easily for the students of St Aloysius College following the launch of a new, state-of-the-art learning centre including a gymnasium with two full sized basketball courts, a fitness centre suspended over two levels and high tech classrooms.

Called the Judith Redden Centre, the facility with its impressive architecture is now considered one of the Adelaide’s most dramatic new buildings.

Constructed overlooking Angas Street on the College’s mid-city campus, the centre commemorates Sister Redden’s 25-year anniversary as Principal of the College.

“We are delighted to be able to provide our students with these wonderful facilities in such a magnificent building,” Sr Redden said. “The centre and its innovative design is a symbol of our vision for the College.”
St Aloysius College encourages girls to reach for the sky and pursue their ambition with compassion, mercy and social justice.

The College also aims to produces strong, confident academically successful women who will be influential leaders and citizens of the future.

To help them on their way, the new centre incorporates futuristic technology, interactive whiteboards in every classroom, environmental sustainability measures including motion sensitive lighting and climate control.
Chris Watkins, Senior Associate at Hassell who designed the centre, said the challenge was to deliver a huge number of facilities on one of the world’s most central city school sites and to maximise the potential of the space.

“What has been created is an extroverted structure which utilises a vertical stacking design to deliver a range of educational facilities topped by two full sized basketball courts,” he said.
“The design is certainly unique for a school. It is symbolic of St Aloysius’ forward thinking approach and embraces the reputation of the College as a ‘school of the future’,.