Next year’s THRASS Conference will be held on August 2–3 in Melbourne
The annual event will be held over two days and will feature guest speakers, phonics master classes and an expert discussion panel.

The speaker topics will focus on multiple streams including: Professional Learning, Evidence Based Teaching, Early years Teaching, Learning Differences, EALD and THRASS in the upper years.

Delegates will hear from expert educators presenting on a wide variety of topics, participate in critical and divergent discussion and network with peers from across Australia.

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THRASS adds Phoneme Phones to aid pronounciation
This powerful learning tool is excellent for mastering pronunciation and to practise the correct articulation of phonemes.

Learners speak softly into the receiver and hear their amplified voice resulting in an effective, multisensory learning experience.

Suitable for all ages, it is articularly useful for ESL learners and those with speech and hearing difficulties.
It is strong, durable construction and ishwasher safe.

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