Corwin is now the exclusive provider of Visible Learning-plus professional development to K–12 educators in Australia. MD of the Melbourne-based operation is Brad Rosairo. The new office expands the regional presence of parent company SAGE, which has an office in Singapore.

The Visible Learning-plus model of school change is based on the world-renowned research of Prof John Hattie, and focuses on practices that make the most impact on student achievement. The extension of this partnership to Australia enables Corwin to bring its successful track record of delivering impactful professional learning to Australian educators.

“Visible Learning-plus is arguably the most powerful school change model in the world. It not only gives educators the evidence base to prove that what they are doing is effective, it also gives them the evidence gathering and analysis techniques they need to create an ongoing understanding of their impact on student learning and achievement,” said Mike Soules, President of Corwin. “To be entrusted with delivering the work of Prof Hattie in Australia is an immense honor.”

Deb Masters, Director of Visible Learningplus for Cognition Education says: “Cognition is delighted to partner with Corwin in Australia. This partnership builds on the work that Corwin has already undertaken across North America since July 2013, where Visible Learning events and in-depth implementation is already having a great impact.”

“Corwin Australia is committed to building Visible Learning-plus and working with schools, school regions, states and territories to build the capacity of all educators to see learning through the eyes of the students and to build students to be their own teachers,” Brad Rosairo said.

“Our immediate goals are to hire an all-star team and provide great service to schools and systems currently doing Visible Learning-plus professional development.

“The ultimate goal is to raise the standard of education in Australia and give educators the tools and skills to achieve better outcomes for all our students.”

Any ongoing program implementations will continue with Corwin.

Schools, networks, clusters and systems interested in Visible Learning-plus professional development or program implementations can contact Corwin at call (03) 9667 0169 or visit