Employing state-of-the-art CCTV cameras around playgrounds, quadrangles and in corridors acts as a major deterrent to unruly behaviour, provides a sense of security for children and staff, creates a record of incidents and accidents, and is a proven deterrent to vandalism and graffiti.

Teachers are regularly faced with a situation where they are trying to monitor a large outdoor area but cannot be everywhere at once. With camera surveillance in playgrounds and quadrangles, students may be less inclined to violence, knowing that their behaviour can be played back to their parents or guardians.

The installation of a CCTV surveillance system acts as visible deterrent to unwelcome loiterers in front of schools and the risk of their approaching children. Visible cameras on the exterior of buildings communicate the message that faces and vehicle number plates can be easily identified.

Accidents often happen when children are moving between classrooms or learning spaces like libraries and school halls. An accident can become costly and a legal nightmare for school authorities when faced with the task of proving the school was not at fault or in breach of OH&S mandates. With a CCTV surveillance solution at work, what happened before, during and after an incident can be reviewed by selecting the time and date on the digital video recorder, and seeing the accident it for what it most probably was – an accident.

A visible CCTV surveillance system is a powerful deterrent to wannabe artists and vandals thinking about defacing or damaging school property. The return on investment is soon realised when the cost of repairs or removing graffiti is reduced significantly.

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