Fans Direct has launched the MacroAirTM range of HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans in Australia and New Zealand. The fans are a scaled-up version of the familiar ceiling fans used domestically and commercially to provide cooling and air circulation benefits. 

Ranging in size from 2.4 to 7.2 metres in diameter, the fans can move up to 10,000 cubic metres of air per minute as a gentle breeze but with a running cost of less than 20 cents per hour. 

In open plan spaces such as halls, gymnasiums or indoor sports arenas, one 7.2 m fan can cover an area the size of six tennis courts while consuming 0.694 kWh of electricity.  To compare, it takes 26 conventional high-speed fans (700 mm size) consuming a total of 15 kWh of electricity to achieve the same airflow.  As well as being exceptionally efficient, the HVLS fans are almost silent in operation.

The fans are designed to deliver increased comfort for people working in or visiting large volume buildings by creating a perceived temperature reduction of 4–6° C. Operating the fans at low speed in cooler months will bring warm ceiling level air down to floor level (de-stratification), greatly increasing comfort.  Savings in running costs of up to 15% can be achieved when the fans are retrofitted alongside existing air conditioning systems.

The fans use ultra-efficient aerofoil profile blades made from anodised aluminium mated to high quality gearboxes and motors with sealed for life bearings. All parts are repairable and recyclable and the fans have been pre-assessed by ecospecifierTM for energy efficiency under the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Rating Program.

The fans have been installed in sites throughout Australia most visibly in Bunnings.

The fans are available throughout Australia and New Zealand through Fans Direct with prices starting at $3,500 plus installation.

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