A Maths Odyssey
Matthew Connell and Helen Whitty, illustrations by Matt Huynh

Powerhouse Publishing

ISBN 9 781863 17131 1

RR $15.95


Straight lines are easy to identify but describing what is straight is not simple. Two centuries ago mathematicians and philosophers debated and discussed, became passionate, confounded and even obsessed with straightness. 

A maths odyssey
from Powerhouse Publishing presents mathematics in an innovative and engaging way, tracing a line from Greek mathematician Euclid to the development of the computer. 

The illustrations of Sydney graphic artist Matt Huynh are accompanied by easy-to-read text developed by Powerhouse Museum curator Matthew Connell and education expert Helen Whitty.

The publication’s aim is to make maths more accessible and appealing to secondary students (Years 7–10) and young adults by using a ‘graphic novel’ concept to tell the story. 

Mathematics is a human endeavour of long standing, and is deeply ingrained in Western philosophy and thinking. By weaving an engaging story around the properties of straightness, the book shows that
The book is also designed to meet the needs of secondary school teachers. It contains a set of related maths problems and answers that align with the new national maths curriculum and a list of resources for further study.