The ICC Women’s World Cup 2009 school curriculum resource is an online teaching and learning program that celebrates and builds awareness of the players, teams and the spirit of cricket values of the ICC Women’s World Cup to be hosted in Australia in March 2009.

The resource utilises both classroom and outdoor activities to promote and teach about the important community and cultural values of participating teams. It is a student centred teaching and learning program designed to support your students to model their learning in the classroom, school, at home and in the community.

There are five lessons in the classroom component and the program culminates in the class hosting a World Cup Festival at their school.

The lesson titles are: Playing for My Team, My Team, My Country, Teamwork – Playing in Harmony, Me and My Teammates – Being Proud to be Part of a Team, and Doing it for My Team.

The Our World Cup Festival component is an opportunity for students to showcase their learning to their school. It is a day when  students who have completed the program adopt a Women’s World Cup 2009 country and, through a series of cultural exhibitions and cricket-playing activities, promote their team and adopted culture to the rest of their school community.

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